Cantina at the Con

Again Foresthill/Madhatters members step up to help out in the kitchen. With Jill, Marie & Carol chopping steak, chicken & veggies. Scott the head taco flipper,Craig getting the tacos to Rich who was slinging the bull, Oops I mean beef. Rich was also tasked to point out all things female to those of us facing the wrong way and Capt. Kurt as the supply Sargent making sure everyone had what they needed including beer. For 4 hours no one had to wait for tacos because of us. After the shift was over we enjoyed a margarita, checked out the vendors and bought raffle tickets. At that point knowing we could do no more good at the Con we retired to CBR aka. Robb’s place for cocktails and a round of Purple Hooters. A great time had by all!!

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  1. R_LIZRD says:

    It was truly a great time. I don’t think it would be a bad idea to schedule it and do it as a club run next year.

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