picnic 2013 meadow lake

Are we going to start a sign up ;ist so we can get a head count and do not get duplicate side dishes? I will bring A pot of home made smokey beans. I have 4 plus 4 guests

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  1. artstine says:

    I’m bringing/making the roast beast: pork ribs, BBQ chicken and tri-tip.


  2. Cat_Dr says:

    I’m coming by myself and I will be bringing broccoli salad, lemon bars for dessert, and a bag of charcoal for the BBQ.


  3. Scout says:

    I am bringing Tater Salid. It will be Me, Myself and I attending.

  4. datkinson says:

    I’ll be bringing a pie.

  5. datkinson says:

    And ice cream. And I’ll be coming by myself.

  6. jones says:

    will the club be suppling plates,utensils and bowls?

  7. Wild_Bill_2 says:


  8. Michael Cline says:

    Cline, party of 1. Appetizer and bread for dinner.

  9. R_LIZRD says:

    I think Mr. Jones has a valid question that one of Leaders should answer. Will the club be suppling plates,utensils and bowls? Also, Cort signed up to bring Charcoal, Shouldn’t the club take care of that expense?

  10. Phill Phillips says:

    I’ll bake a cake in the dutch oven.

  11. artstine says:

    I’ll pick up paper plates & utensils along with the pile of meat and add it to the bill to Darrell. Problem solved. Bring your own cups/stuff to drink.


  12. gdeis1 says:

    The wife and I will be coming. We’ll bring a desert, and since it looks like we might be a little light on side dishes, we’ll bring one of those.


  13. R_LIZRD says:

    I just heard from Bill Mcdaid. He’s at campsite #2 (Sierra Trek campsite) and the campground is all empty. There’s a camp host there and will be charging us to camp there.

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