At the OCT meeting We discussed the runs for 2014.Some interest in the club doing a Moab trip in April was discussed.Air Tom asked me to put something together for this an I agreed.(I have been a total of three times an run numerous trails)I based this run an the pricing for everything on the week before Easter wich is the Easter Jeep Safari hosted by the Red Rock 4 Wheelers.Lets say that in my current research the prices seem to get hi-graded that week.Its about 850 miles from SF to moab going the HWY 80 route so with an average speed of 50mph around 18 hour drive.Depending on if your towing or driving your rig $400-$700 dollars in fuel round trip.EJS charges $50 per day per run.Most of the runs are long days so $40 to $50 per day in fuel burn in your 4 wheeler.Lodging there is many options hotel/motel from $170-$300 per day.Camping in a private campground you can rent a small cabin at $70 a day RV spot with hook ups $50 a day An tent camping is $30 a day.The RR4W do a lotery system for there runs this must be completed by frist of the year.Both Greg J an myself have been many times I will bring some pictures an Greg an I can anwser any questions that you might have at the Xmas party. John (Sparky)

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  1. El Presidante says:

    Nice report John……………….. Certainly looks like you spent the time and did you homework with all the info you posted.



  2. R_LIZRD says:

    Great Job John. I’m sure this involved a lot of your time.

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