King of the Hammers 2014

Are any other folks planning on making the trip the Johnson Valley for KOH this year? Right now, I’m planning on being down there all week, doing a bunch of wheeling before the races. Hoping to Leave either Jan 31 or early Saturday Feb 1 and return on Feb 9.

Oh, also it looks like Cal4 is looking to get a bit of help in exchange for free admission & swag. I sent an inquiry to Steve Gardiner to get a better understanding of what’s involved. I might consider helping in between trips out to trails, particularly if I’m waiting for friends fixing stuff again this year.


“We” need your help!  Please share this with your Clubs (please discuss at your meetings!)


We have the King of the Hammers event coming up Feb 1st – Feb 7th.


You can help existing and future Land Use issues by being a volunteer!


I am helping manage the volunteer staff for both the Entry Gate (at the bridge on Boone Road) and the Information Booth (main entrance for Hammertown).  Cal 4 Wheel is looking for help at the Poison Spyder Booth to sell raffle tickets for this year’s Sweepstakes Vehicle and XVenture Trailer.


By volunteering at the Entry Gate and the Information Booth, you will add to the bank accounts that will be used for existing/future Land Use battles and you can also add some $$$ to your pockets.


By being a Hammerking volunteer, you will receive an Access Wrist Band (Unlimited access to Hammertown and the special Spectator Areas), a collectable King of the Hammers 2014 sticker and a KOH ’14 volunteer t-shirt.


The responsibilities at the Cal 4 Wheel booth will be to represent Cal 4 Wheel and help raise funds by selling tickets for both the Xventure Camp Trailer and the 2013 Cal 4 Wheel/Poison Spyder Sweepstake Jeep.


At the Entry Gate and the Information Booth, we will be helping to keep attendees safe!!  And hopefully educate more people about responsible use of our public lands.  This will require all of us to have waiver forms signed and filled out (all that want to enter Hammertown and/or the Spectator Areas) and to collect the $20 donation from those that want to contribute.

 As they have in the past, Hammerking Prodcutions will donate 10% of the Donations back from the proceeds.  What makes this year different is that YOU, the volunteer, will decide where that 10% goes.  You will be able to make that decision when you sign up.

If you are interested, please contact me via email or Facebook message.  If you are technologically challenged, you may give me a call (number below).  If I don’t recognize the number, I will probably not answer but will call you back!

Steven Gardiner

(714) 293-8790) cell


Steve Egbert

Quality Management Systems Coordinator

PFFJ, LLC – Farm Operations


California Association Of Four Wheel Drive Clubs

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