Morman Emigrant Snow Run Trail Report

We had the Morman Emigrant Snow Run on Saturday.   Snow conditions were great.   We had the trail to ourselves going in and were breaking trail in fresh snow.   There were three rigs on the run.  Double D and his girls, Craig and Carol Lemon and their daughter and myself with Carmen and my two dogs.     We all got stuck at least once, Double D and myself while we were breaking trail.   Craig while – well I am not sure what he was doing but he seemed to be demonstrating his driving skills by driving sideways down the trail.  As usual with Craig there was a lot of flying snow and entertainment value.    We all had a good time and we even had to make a rescue.  On the way in there was a stock Toyota with two guys that was stuck in the snow with a ranger standing next to them apparently unwilling to offer any help.   We gave them a quick tug and sent them on their way back to the pavement.    The ranger wanted to know why our rigs were covered in mud and we had to explain to him that we stopped to visit Dale on the way in and had to drive down the muddiest two mile road that I have driven on in quite some time.  We promised to stay on the pavement and he encouraged us to be safe and have fun and he followed the Toyota back to the pavement.

After the run we stopped at Dale’s place and Dale and Jean served us a wonderful meal.   All in all we had a great day.   Photos are available for viewing at

Trail Boss Air Tom


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  1. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    What could be better on a snow run than breaking trail on fresh snow?

    Glad to see you had a good time.

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