Rubicon area run this weekend (Feb 15)

Sending this for Craig:

Hi Gang, apparently I’m trail boss for next weekend. The only person I’ve talked to so far is George D. If you guys want to go on a run please let me know. I think since the snow level is so high, maybe trying to go from Georgetown to Uncle Tom’s Cabin and continue to Wentworth Springs snow permitting. Depending on the time we could do the loop to Ellis and out to Loon. Please respond if you’re interested. Meeting time at the Georgetown Hotel will be 9am.

Also, for folks coming up from the Bay Area, plan to leave the Wendy’s in Manteca at 7am to be able to get to Georgetown by 9.
Thanks Craig

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  1. badrocr says:

    So far we have 7 rigs going on Sat. Run. Carol & I are going to have breakfast at Buffallo Hill Cafe around 8:30am.if anyone would like to join us. It’s a mile or 2 north of main st. on Hwy. 193.
    Remember if I don’t know you’re coming we may leave without you.
    Thanks Craig

  2. badrocr says:

    Now we’re talking ! We have a dozen rigs. This will be another awesome Madhatter run. Don’t miss out . See ya in Georgetown.

  3. artstine says:

    Excellent! Get lots of pics!

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