Have Any Member Experienced OPDA/Camshaft Synchronizer Shaft Problems

Hello All,

I was recently searching some of the online Jeep forums for some specific information when I came across this OPDA/Camshaft Synchronizer Shaft issue that some TJ/LJ owners were having with their Oil Pump Drive Assembly. Apparently there is a Chrysler TSB (E05R) thats been out for quite a while. The TSB appears to address Jeeps with specific motor build dates (2005ish) but there have been many TJ/LJ owners (2005/06) with premature gear wear on their Oil Pump Drive and Cam Shaft Gears. Pretty alarming if you ask me.

Here are a couple links;


Here is another;


Have any of you experienced any of these problems? I think its a big enough concern to warrant pulling the Oil Pump Drive Assembly and checking out the condition of these gears. Have any of the MadHatters performed these inspections? Found premature gear wear? Replaced the gear? And what about the mod “FogMod” that addresses lubrication issues of the bushing on this assembly (if I understand these issues correctly).

As I said, I don’t want to wait and let what might be a reasonably manageable issue turn ┬áinto a bigger can of worms. Or worse yet, get stranded somewhere totally screwed. While the process of removing the assembly and inspecting the gear seems fairly straightforward I don’t think its something I would want to tackle without having someone a bit more knowledgable and experienced watching over my shoulder.

Let me know what you all think. Any related experience, advice, or input would be appreciated. Just trying to get everything (maintenance) buttoned up so I can enjoy some trips this year.

Kindly, Big Matt


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