Hi all,
Hope you guys had a great trip! Carol & I went to the Rubicon meeting. In the first half of the meeting an Analyst from El Dorado
County explained an attempt to designate the Rubicon a historical
place. Since there was no upside to doing so and a possibility the
tree huggers could use it against us he going to recommend the B.O.S
not proceed with it.
Next the El Dorado NF Ranger spoke about the 18 closed trails. She said they are working on Barret Lake trail but if it’s open this year it won’t happen until Oct. I asked about Deer Valley and she said it’s closed until further notice. The work crews are working on the Rim fire area.
Vickie Sanders our Parks & Rec. contact for the Rubicon spoke next. She said this years bandanas will have the last 4 bandanas on one. She’s also working on a 16 month calendar for the Rubicon. These will also be free. If you have a picture of the rubicon you would like to be considered for the calendar e-mail it to vickie.sanders@edcgov.us.
As far as the Adopt a Trail goes, all the clubs received a binder with updated pictures and forms for the 14 sigments available and are all taken. There are more clubs on a waiting list. At this point the only requirement is one run in the spring and in the fall to measure and clear the water bars, to get the water resources board off their backs.
At the same time clear any trees or trash on the trail. The county has bought 9 digital cameras with a GPS stamp to loan out to clubs. They will supply rocks, equipment and labor to load the rocks. RTF has trailers to loan out and both will help anyway they can. FOTR will still be in place if we need any additional help. At this point there’s still water in the water bars. The county is going out to check them this week and tell us when we can start to think about a work day. The county will be fixing up the campsites and moving the toilet in Wentworth Springs which is the beginning of our adopt a trail. All in all it sounds pretty good. They aren’t going to have a bunch of rules unless they are needed. RTF bought muffins & fruit for breakfast and 20 RT pizzas & salads for lunch

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