Hi gang,
It’s time to think about the Rubicon trip. Larry asked me to fill in for Greg as trail boss. So unless Greg heels fast I guess I’m it. Larry said he was going to try to get the Chalet for Thursday like we did last year. A number of people came up early and I was thinking if enough people were able to come early we could do our adopt a trail work. If not we’ll have to think about a day latter in the month to do the work. Either way it’s time to start discussing what you guys want to. As before I’m asking you to let me know that you’re coming and when you expect to be at the Chalet @ Loon so no one is left behind. Also start thinking if you want to stop at Buck or go to the Springs. Let me know your thoughts. Now that George has Rubicon experience I expect him to be on the run to help Larry & I get through the trail. Greg if you change your mind let me know.
Thanks Craig

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  1. ratherbcrawln says:

    I vote to leave early friday morning an camp at Rubicon springs.I will be coming up very late Thursday night an will not be staying at the Chalet.I will be at the Chalet earlyFriday morning. John

  2. badrocr says:

    Thanks John, see ya Friday

  3. Phill Phillips says:

    It’s my first time in so I’ll leave it to others to say how far we go and where we camp.
    We’ll be meeting you on Friday morning. I don’t know where the Chalet is. Is it better for me to figure that out and meet you at the Chalet or meet you at the Loon Lake staging area? And, what time Friday AM?

  4. artstine says:

    Craig/Greg/Larry – I won’t be making this trip – Lisa is out of town that week for continuing Ed required to maintain her Veterinary Tech licensing 🙁 – I will do a Rubicon trip sometime later in the season.

    Phil –
    The Chalet is here: http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/eldorado/recarea/?recid=71078
    The Chalet was a great idea last year as it made the logistics starting out Friday a bit easier.

    FWIW, I’d suggest a 8AM start on Friday if you plan to get to the ‘springs later on Friday (to accommodate for breakdowns – hopefully this year will be breakdown free, but ya never know).


  5. Cat_Dr says:


    I will be leaving the bay area on Thursday morning. I have a guest who is flying in on Wednesday night so not sure how early I will get going. Hopefully be there by lunch. We will be staying at the Chalet. If you want to do the trail maintenance on Thursday around lunch and after we will be up for that. As for where to stay on the trail I am open to either. Let me know if I have to meet you somewhere.


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