Gold Lake Run (July 11-13) Saturday Potluck Sign-up

Saturday night lets gather for some good food and good company.

Please post what you will bring to the potluck ( so we can avoid having 10 potato salids ).

If anyone else wants to sign up to do the meat, that would be great – otherwise, I will do some Tri-Tip.


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9 Responses to Gold Lake Run (July 11-13) Saturday Potluck Sign-up

  1. Michael Cline says:

    Ed R. – Green Salad

  2. madbronco says:

    Broccoli slaw salad.

    Larry H

  3. Phill Phillips says:

    Ranch Beans. They help to keep you warm in your sleeping bag.

  4. Michael Cline says:

    Texas Caviar and corn chips (Derek and Mari S.)

  5. badrocr says:

    Corn cobbets and crawdads.

  6. Lucky Charms says:

    Im going to try a Tuna-and-Macaroni Salad recipe

  7. Michael Cline says:


  8. Lucky Charms says:

    Just posted a thing on the blog. I wont be making this trip anymore. Sorry guys

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