Rubicon Adopt -a- Trail

Hi Gang,
We had a wonderful time camping @Loon Lake campgrounds. I caught around 4 dozen crayfish, they were tasty. I promise to do better at Gold Lake. We had 13 people at camp and that’s what we set out with to work on the trail. We hit the Granite bowl and lost our 4 friends from Oregon. The 2 13 year olds didn’t enjoy the trail during the day as much as they did the night before. So the rest of us carried on. We the Eillis tie in and turned left onto AAT. Everything was going great until we got to the spot that in Feb.I hung a tire off a rock cliff. I backed out of it. Jerry Reffner’s son Sean not so lucky. That is the picture of the Toyota on it’s side. At that point the crew was down to Stephanie, Wild Bill, Scott and myself. Despite it being 90 degrees we soldiered on. We cleaned out 6 disapaters .35 5 gal. buckets. At that temp. it almost killed 3 old guys so we called Jerry to bring my trailer to Wentworth to pick me up , which he did. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my friends that helped me and hopefully you guys can help me in the fall.
Thanks Craig

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  1. artstine says:

    Excellent work guys! Bummer about the flop for the ‘yota. Hopefully it was mostly damaged pride and not too much on his rig. Looking forward to the fall cleanup work.

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