Two bent connecting rods…

Well I was almost set for this weekends trip. I had checked fluids and greased fittings. I decided its better to track down a noise that developed after changing my oil and Im glad I did. I dropped the pan and found my front to connecting rods are bent. So glad I found before I drove 4 hours to Gold Lake! Needless to say, I wont be making the trip after all.

I’ll be researching if I can replace rods and bearings, or … motor swap. I think it may be fine with replacing all four rods and bearings… Its driven fine, no oil leak, held pressure, no metal in oil. ¬†Any suggestions?

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3 Responses to Two bent connecting rods…

  1. Lowoutput says:

    Figure out what caused it before you spend $ on new rods and bearings.
    Did you suck some water, break a piston skirt,
    or timing chain and tensioner due for a change?
    Any one of these conditions will bend a rod like that and will do it to new parts.
    These little engines are pretty bullit proof and are not known to bend rods.
    But they do wear out eventually and things should be checked.

    Long Island Ed (Ed Rodrigues)

  2. Lucky Charms says:

    Thanks ed. I hydro locked the jeep in March. I think that’s what did it. I changed oil last week to a lower viscosity and then heard the sound. I’m thinking that the thicker oil hid the noise. It had been driving as normal since hydro locked. It could probably stand to have the timing chain and tensioner replaced anyways. I haven’t had any other issues engine related besides this noise and two bent rods

  3. ratherbcrawln says:

    Dustin, one of the big dangers to a hydrolock is a cracked cylinderwall.If its a 258 I have a pile of rods an can give you what you need.I have a portable dry mag that can find any cracks in the wall I can also mount the connecting rods to the pistons or for that matter fix the cracked wall.Sparky

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