Jeepers Jam. Vendor show

This year the J. J. Vendor show was on Main St. Georgetown. It was the whole length of town. Both sides of the street and down the middle. We were looking for a deal on tires from 4WParts , the best they would do was $100 off a set, not good enough! So we moved on. ARB wanted $788 for a 50qt. Fridge and they took us to Rebel Off road which was the vendor selling there products from Laguna Hills. Carol offered them $750 tax included done deal. When we got home Carol called them and offered them a $100 for the cooler cover which listed for around $180 they sold it to her for $125 tax and shipping included. If you’re looking for a deal this seems to be a great place. We asked if they are going to Trek and they said no. I asked Carol to call them tomorrow and ask them for something for the Trek raffle. See you guys at Trek.

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  1. artstine says:

    4WP seems to give better deals on tires at their TruckFest events. Particularly if you get a two or three folks together to haggle (friends of mine last year got them to give good tires deals on 3 sets of Maxxis Trepadors & Creepy Crawlers – like $50-100 off each tire and no tax). I couldn’t get them to touch that deal just on a single set. Maybe we can both go in and cut a deal – I am looking to upgrade soon. Nice deal on the fridge – I got one a couple weeks ago from 4WP at $877 + tax. But they will price match the price from (except for the tax). For some reason, 4WP sells that cover for $127.99 which is a steal compared to the typical $180+. I’ll have to check out Rebel – btw, they sent the club email recently offering for us to sign up for discounts and offers, so maybe we can all work some good deals with them.

  2. artstine says:

    Actually, I’ll get 4WP to price match Rebel – they have a great price on that fridge!

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