Hello Madhatters!!

Lets see if everyone can figure out how to use this thing. This is a setup message to see if the site is working properly.

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  1. El Presidante says:


    I personally wish to thank you again for all the work you’ve been doing to up-date our web site. I realize it’s a lot of work but I know we can count on you to continue performing your “magic.” Pressures on now huh ?

    It took two days but I finally figured out how to participate in this Blog thing………. GREAT IDEA and I hope our membership takes advantage of it………. Regretfully I understand that Neautral Louie won’t participate. Oh !!! The other day Neautral Louis stopped by my place and dropped off some new brake drums for my Jeep. HE told me he doesn’t have to drive down cliffs, etc .. in neautral any more because he has NEW BRAKES.

    Thank once again Scout and I encourage all of you Madhatters to participate with this Blog.


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