Rubicon Pre-Run Report


We did a scouting run up to the Rubicon yesterday.  As expected there is a considerable amount of snow.   We were able to get to Airport Flats campground.   Conditions there are wet with some snow still remaining on the ground.   Wentworth springs road between Georgetown and Ice House is still closed with several feet of snow on the ground.   With tires aired down we were able to get through in the Jeeps but it is not passable to trucks towing trailers or campers.   Ice house road is open from Rte 50 to Airport Flats.   We attempted to get to Wentworth Springs Campground but were able to only get about 1/2 mile off the pavement before the snow drifts became impassable.

After that we tried to get to Loon Lake.   It was a challenge just getting to the Dam.

This shot was taken at the Loon Lake kiosk.


No run is complete without at least one extraction.   We had two when we were turning around on the trail into Wentworth Springs Campground.

And of course no run is complete without a stop at the local watering hole.

Contact Dennis for detailed info on next weeks run.   My plan is to go up on Friday and camp at Airport Flats.   We will have to do day runs out of camp as we probably will not be able to go into the trail very far.   The good thing is the crowds are light.   We talked to a few campers and they said they were having a good time and that the weather was tolerable even though they received a dusting of snow the night before.

For more photos of the run go to the following link.


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  1. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    Sounds like fun.

    Every Madhatter run is an adventure.

  2. El Presidante says:

    Great report and thanks for taking the time to go all the way up there .

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