June 11 Livermore Rodeo Parade

Madhatters are requested to be at our assembly spot ready to roll no later than 9:30AM.   I plan on being there at 8:30.   We are to assemble at the intersections of 4th and M.  The attached PDF contains a map of the parade route.

Livermore Rodeo Parade

Looking forward to seeing everyone with shiny rigs.

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Pres Bill


We had a great time at the parade.

The weather was a bit cooler than previous years but didn’t seem to discourage the enthusiasm of the crowd.

Six members and two guests met at our designated starting point.

With the oldest vehicle in the group, Air Tom was to be in front with his Jeepster.  The group, being wise to Air Tom and his classic vehicles, quickly began the process of developing an in-route recovery plan should Tom have a failure.

Our fears were alevited when the group to ride in front of us showed up – The Las Positas Fire Training Academy.  Safety on our runs is always the priority but should anything go wrong you can’t be in a better place than being in line next to a team of paramedics and firemen.

Ah, but even the best laid plans often have problems.

One of the fire academy vehicles was failing to start as a result of catostophic failure of their vehicle energy cells. Not to worry!  Our super hero and CAT Doctor – Madhatter Cort – without his cape and tights, quickly assessed the situation and put a plan in play to get our could be heros back in motion.

Being prepared always pays off.  Way to go Cort!!!!

When the parade started, we were escorted by Madhatter kids proudly displaying our banner.

The parade route was short but the excitement in the eyes of many of the watchers was clearly evident.

Our thanks to Livermore and the parade management for letting us participate.  We are looking forward to next years event.


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