In The Blink Of An Eye

It seems to me that in many ways, life mimics the art of wheeling.

We contemplate the trail in front of us.  We anticipate the challenges and with the expectation of success, we pick our line and proceed to move forward.  We do our best to prepare for the unexpected, yet there are some things, that with best laid plans, we just aren’t prepared for.

Just as you never know what’s around the corner when wheeling on a new trail, the same can be said about life.

During the year, our rigs suffered many bumps and scrapes.  Likewise, so did we.  This past year our club lost two of our friends and fellow wheelers.  To say the least, their departure was unexpected.  As we repair our rigs and prepare to enter a new wheeling year, we must accept that we won’t see the faces we have so grown accustomed to on the upcoming runs.  Unlike a typical rig repair, this will take some time to fix.

We are all a little bit of those folks that touch us and leave an impression.  Though they are gone, the impact they made on us remains.

While the holiday season is a special time to be with family and friends it gives us cause to pause and remember those no longer with us.

Enjoy your family and friends, cherishing the time and experiences together.  You never know what’s around the bend and things can change in the blink of an eye.

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  1. El Presidante says:

    Very well said Wild Bill II.

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