**** Swamp Lake Run Cancelled*** Going to Utica/Slick Rock


Swamp Lake OHV is still closed. This morning the ranger office said it will be lucky to be open by August 1st.

Deer Valley is also closed. Blue lakes road is only open to the 4th gate.

With limited choices I have decided to head up to Utica reservoir near slick rock trail.

Take highway 4 towards Bear Valley from the Central Valley. A few miles before Bear Valley, you will come to Spicer Reservoir Road (watch for the Sno-Park signs). Go down this about 5 miles until you see a forest road with a sign about Utica Reservoir. Take this. At the next intersection, you will see a sign for Union Reservoir to the right or Utica Reservoir to the left. Take the left and continue down until you see the reservoir.

Let Steve or I know if you plan to go.   We will monitor CB channel 4 and HAM simplex 147.555.  We plan to camp near where we did last year by the reservoir depending on the number of people that confirm and campsite availability.  I have yet to confirm the trail is open but the camp grounds are. At this point, I’ll be happy just to be in the mountains and get some fishing in.  Maybe head down to the river with our fishing guide DD.

Pres Bill


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7 Responses to **** Swamp Lake Run Cancelled*** Going to Utica/Slick Rock

  1. artstine says:

    Is it possible to trailer in to the campsite?

  2. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    There is normally space at Utica.
    Both Utica and Spicer campgrounds are open. Dispersed camping is at Utica.
    As of this morning I was told by the ranger office that the Slick Rock trail is not passable all the way through. Water crossing likely not possible.

  3. Squarelight says:

    I still plan on going. I’ll send an email if any one wants to meet the morning of the 15th.

  4. Scout says:

    All we can do is try!! I need to wash the mud off my rims anyway.

  5. datkinson says:

    When are people going up to Utica, and when do you plan to do the run? You know that the area we camped in last year is now developed, right? I was back up there right after Trek last August and they were constructing roads and campsites there. Dennis

  6. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    I plan on going up by Thursday morning. We were lucky to get that spot last year. I can’t make promises on the camp location. There is dispersed camping around Utica. We will need to make do with what we can get.

  7. datkinson says:

    I’ll probably come up Friday morning. I’ll bring the chainsaw.

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