Sierra Trek update


Rich Murray, Dave Jones, and I attended the final Sierra Trek meeting last night prior to the event. Sierra Trek is going on as scheduled. Camping will be away from the trees as there are 2-4 feet of snow in the trees. The road into Meadow lake will be plowed if need be to get in. All types of vehicles and R.V’s should be able to access by Friday the 5th of August.
Myself and any others wanting to go early will be heading in on Wednesday the 3rd to secure camping for the club. I have the following registration packets for the event:
Langdon, Ainsworth, Downs, Gunther, and Price. (I could have swore there were 20 plus hands that went up during the vote to support Trek this year) If you registered and don’t see your name here, contact me asap. There is still plenty of room for those that have not registered to register.
Now, for those that at are helping with the raffle or have already helped with the raffle I would like to thank you in advance for keeping your commitment to the club. For those of you that raised your hand in support of having the club handle the raffle committee this year and have not registered or plan on coming up to help without a good reason, well you can KISS MY ***. That Madhatter sticker on your Jeep still looks cool.
Any questions, contact me at your convenience.


For those that need help here *** = 





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  1. jones says:

    very well put Scott I was at that meeting, and saw alot of hands go up too

  2. Air Tom says:

    Thanks much to Scott, Rich and Dave for attending the meeting and going on the scouting mission. Scott I will try to recruit some more help from my clan. I am sure the event will be awesome and the Madhatters will shine as we always do. I urge any Madhatters or Madhatter guests to come up and join us at the event. Even if you don’t do any runs it is a great event in a beutiful spot to just hang out and enjoy yourself. Plus we can always use more help with the Raffle and other activities at teh event. Hope to see a good Madhatter turnout.

  3. jones says:

    I can haul your raffle gear to trek if you can get it to me this weekend. I will be going up with scott on wednesday.

  4. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    Let me know the August 3rd details and I’ll plan to join you.


  5. Scout says:


    I had to do a little edit to you post, due to our blog being available to all ages. I had a flag pop up. I think the edit will get the same point across, but passes the flagging issues.

    PS: I agree completely.


  6. R_LIZRD says:

    Nice EDIT!!!! Point has been made.

  7. gregprice1952 says:

    Change of plans. Sheri and I will be coming up on Tuesday August 9th. I will be pulling up the camping trailer with my pickup and Sheri will be driving the Jeep. If you could save us a spot that would be great. Sheri says “Better the spot, better the brownies”

  8. R_LIZRD says:

    Greg, got your message and we’ll have a nice spot for you guys so come up earlier if you can.
    I plan on going up this Wednesday the 3rd. I should be leaving by 12-1pm from my house in Foresthill. I have every intention of getting the same camp as we have had for many years. I have ordered the sun to Beam down on our spot and take care of us. Anybody wanting to go up on Wednesday the 3rd with Jones, Landgon, myself, and Mcdaid should let me know so we can be expecting you. Should be awesome up there early. As I see it, the Madhatter’s will be some of the first enjoying Meadow Lake this year.

    • R_LIZRD says:

      All Madhatter’s, very important information. The road into Meadow Lake will be plowed by friday August 5th. So If you’re bringing a R.V. or trailer you might not be able to access Meadow Lake until that time. I have no further information at this time about when the road will be open. This really sucks as it is estimated the Plowing of the road will take approximately 25% of the profit from the event. When I get into the lake on Wednesday, I will post or advise somebody to pass on the road condition information.

      • R_LIZRD says:

        Just got back from Meadow Lake this afternoon. The lake looks great and there are no longer any access issues getting in. I would like to thank, Dave Jones, Bill Mcdaid, and Kurt Huebner (Foresthill Fourwheelers) for helping with the raffle booth setup this year. The booth looks great. We have attempted to save some campsites for everybody this year, however only a few Madhatters were up at the work week and had to return home for a few days. So if caution tape keeps them out then we will have camping for everybody. Kudos to Kurt and Terry Huebner for being up there right now helping to save campsites for the Madhatters.
        IMPORTANT!!!!!!! If you are going on the Thursday short wheelbase run, Dave Jones will have your registration packet. All other registration packets can be picked up in camp. The raffle prizes this year are really good. Example, we have 5 winches to give away, so come on up and see if you can win one.
        Again, a big THANKS to those who are helping with the raffle this year and who helped with setup.

  9. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    Wednesday night camp fire discussion.

  10. Wild_Bill_2 says:


    We all owe you a debt of thanks. As does Cal4!


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