March Meeting 2008

Since I’m still working on getting a new computer on line and working for the Mudslinger I’ll list a few highlights of last nights March meeting:

  • Louie talked himself into the boner award for the second month in a row…….. Wild Bill is still in possession of this blue and pink item and needs to make arrangements to hand it over to Louie.
  • June will be a very busy month for the Madhatters……. the first Thurs – Sunday of June we will be hitting the Rubicon Trail……………. Craig will be Trail Boss.
  • The next week-end ( June 14th ) we are participating in the Livermore Rodeo Parade………. lets make a good showing and have our rigs looking good.  Dennis has volunteered to open his home to members after the Parade for a BBQ………….. bet he’ll have some home brew there also.
  • June 28th we are participating in Kids on The Rocks……. at the meeting everyone in attendance said they would participate.  This is a very worthy event.  Pres. Dave needs confirmations on participation so he can notify the appropriate people .

About El Presidante

Past Madhatter President (9 years), Retired Police Officer. A mild stroke in 2011 slowed my wheeling down a bit but I'm still working on getting back in the game. I now am TOTALLY retired. Sue and I are approaching 42 years of marriage and our 2 kids and 7 Grandkids keep me busy. At the top of my priority list is getting all those Grandkids up in the mountains on camping and fishing trips. My bucket list is getting shorter but I've still got a lot of projects in the works.
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