October 8th Club Run- Fordyce Trail Work Party- Meadow Lake

October 8th’s club run has been changed from Deer Valley to Meadow Lake.  This is so we can work with the Friends of the Fordyce (FOTF) to help repair some sections of the trail that have been damaged due to late lasting snow, runoff, and vehicle traffic on the trail.  This is great opportunity for us to help restore one of the best trails in California. It will also allow us to show the four wheel drive community that we are serious about securing an Adopt-a-Trail.  FOTF will be feeding all workers on Saturday night so an accurate head count is a must.  I will be going up on Friday the 7th and leaving on Sunday the 9th.  It looks like the most work will be on Winch hill 5 and between Winch hills 3 and 4.  If you’re not sure about driving down the Winch hills to 3 or 4 then you can help with Winch hill 5.  I’m sure we could use several support personnel so there will be something for everybody to do, or kick back and relax.  This is an official club run so let show them what we got. More information as we get closer to this date will follow.

Thanks, Scott


This is from the link on Pirate 4×4 from Friends of the Fordyce if you need further information:

We going to change our end of year workday from September 17th to October 8th. Please note this on your calendar if you already planned to be there.

Since we will be providing dinner Saturday night it’s very important that you let us know if you plan to stay for the BBQ so we have enough food for all.

After access became available the top part of the trail was still wet and use of the trail created a couple of muddy spots we need to fix before they get any worse. One is in between Winch Hills 3 and 4. We’ll move some trees that fell and harden the trail with rock from the area. The second is a two parter at the approach to Winch Hill 5. We’ll harden both areas with rock taken from the base of the winch hill.

We’ll meet at Meadow Lake Saturday morning and head down to the work areas. Dinner will be back at Meadow Lake after the workday.

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5 Responses to October 8th Club Run- Fordyce Trail Work Party- Meadow Lake

  1. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    We should define what the camping situation will be. Usual Meadow Lake camp spot for Madhatters and pay per night or another location?

    As we paid nothing for Trek camping, I’m all for voting to have the club pay for this weekend should it be neccessary.

    This will be a lot of fun.

    I will likely drive my truck up but will be happy to catch a ride to winch hill 3 with someone on the work day..

    Don’t forget the saws, work gloves, shovels, boots, safety glasses and motrin.


  2. R_LIZRD says:

    I will need a head count at the September meeting of who is going so we can plan for camping and food. Friends of the Fordyce will be cooking dinner for the worker’s on Saturday evening. Input from everybody going on where to camp would be appreciated. Do we want to camp with the Friends of the Fordyce group or just do our own thing? I will be checking to see if there is a camp host in the campsites.

  3. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    1. Exit I-80 in Truckee and proceed north on hwy 89 towards Sierraville for 14.6 miles
    2. Turn left on USFS Rd 07 ( towards Webber Lake/Jackson Meadows Resevoir) and
    proceed for 9.5 miles on Rd 07.
    3. Turn Left on USFS Road 86 (towards Meadow Lake) Pavement ends and it’s 10.9 miles
    to camp:
     — 0.6 miles , road forks, keep right
     — 6.0 miles further, White Rock Lake turnoff………. KEEP RIGHT
     — 2.0 miles further, KEEP RIGHT
     — 0.6 miles further, Keep LEFT and continue 1.6 more miles to base camp.

  4. R_LIZRD says:

    I just got an (10/06/11 at 10:30 am) email from Friends of the Fordyce. I was told the work party was still going to happen. Dress for extremely cold weather when coming up even though the weather forecast is going to be good. See Ya up there.

  5. R_LIZRD says:

    I would like to thank all that committed to attend this work weekend. Sometimes things just don’t workout as planned. I cancelled this run as early as I could making sure I had all the information to make the right decision for all involved. I hope everybody found something else to do with your loaded up vehicles and now no place to go. I decided not to suggest an alternate plan at the time due to not really knowing how the extraction was going to go.
    Our President’s were really stuck. At the time, visibility was very limited due to heavy blowing snow. Our leader’s realized the conditions they had entered were more than there equipment was prepared to handle. (That’s what they were told anyhow by the Sheriff in his warm snowcat) As they were attempting to leave the area is when, Bill, in his Dodge, 4 door Mega Cab, slid off the road and down into a large drainage ditch. (Dave was YELLING, LEFT!! LEFT!! and Bill was turning RIGHT!! RIGHT!! as Bill was trying to backup) Making several attempts to extract his vehicle were unsuccessful. Leaving the area, calling for assistance, and seeking a warm motel room for the night was a smart plan.
    After I was contacted, I put a recovery team together that was local, well equipped, and had some recovery experience. That’s right, I assembled a team that has been recently named (in the September Mudslinger) as the Foresthill Powderpuffs. Now once we arrived, we found our Presidents basking in the sun, seaming not to get enough of it. A plan was put together by all involved, and then another plan was put together by all involved. O.k. so the Mega Cab Dodge 4×4 was extracted safely. We all safely arrived in Foresthill at around 6pm on Friday night. Our President’s were exhausted and glad to be in the safe hands of the Foresthill PowderPuffs. Hot Chili was made and some cocktails were consumed at a PowderPuff fire pit.
    In all seriousness, this could have been a really bad thing. Our Presidents were prepared for the worst weather and made some good decisions once they were stuck. It’s really nice knowing that a few Madhatter’s always step up and secure an early camp and have a hot fire going when everybody else shows up. THANKS!!!!
    I suggest, that after reading this, you print copies of the Club Roster, put them in all your vehicles, and call for help if you think you need it. Remember, you are now teamed up with the PowderPuffs and you can do anything.

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