Snow in Hell (hole)

Chipmunk RidgeFor those members that didn’t make the recent Hell Hole trail run I can only say that you missed one of the best runs I’ve been on in a while.

In attendance were Wild Bill II ( Trail Boss) David A, Mike Navone, Greg R, Louie and myself.  We had to wheel through huge snow drifts just to get to our “very empty camp” on the banks of French Meadows Resevoir.  During our entire trip the weather was perfect during the day and very cold once the sun went down.

Led by T.B Wild Bill II we departed camp Saturday morning about 9:30……… we had 11 miles to drive up the mountain to the trail head of Hell Hole O.H.V. trail.  To make a long story short I’ll say that we were on a mission.  We bucked heavy snow drifts, cleared the trail of trees as big as our Jeeps and put our winches to working overtime.  For several miles on our journey towards the trail head it was solid snow that was 3′ deep in most places.  There were several times when we’d throw our hands up in the air and figure that the end of our venture towards Hell Hole trail was at its end.  Fighting off his need for adult beverages Trail Boss Wild Bill II put the need for the Madhatters to run the Hell Hole trail at the top of his priorities and fought for every inch as he wheeled up the mountain towards that elusive trail head.

2:30 pm……….. There is was……… Hell Hole O.H.V. trail marker………. but being completely exhausted our fearless leader drove right past the spot he fought so valantly to reach……….. Blasting over the CB came DD shouting……… we are there………. looks at the electrical towers….. we did it !

We wheeled down into Hell Hole.  The trail was relatively dry.  We stopped at the waterfall which was flowing in full glory.  Wild Bill stripped to his underwear and jumped in the ice cold creek where he floated face down as everyone else stood watching and wondering if he had some type of a mental problem or what ! 

It was 4 p.m. so we decided it was past time to start back to camp.  The drive up out of Hell Hole was pretty uneventfull if you don’t count Navone having a flat tire, vehicle problems, Greg breaking some type of speed record for driving over big old wet rocks and Louie putting some trail carnage on his right rear quarter panel.

The camp fire was warm and inviting when we got back to camp and everyone was pretty tuckered out from the long day of wheeling.

It was a good, hard day of wheeling.

Check out some nice flicks Greg R put together at this site:

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