Due to the current extreme conditions in the Sierras, The Madhatter work party on Saturday is officially being cancelled. Access at this point is very difficult if not at all. Please let other club members know about this change in plans.

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  1. Scout says:

    Sounds like everyone is at camp Murray this weekend! That is after the Wild Bill extraction team gets the condo on wheels out of the snow. The little blue bone is going to look real nice hanging on his rearview mirror. I still can not figure out why he ended up staying in Truckee. He always talks about snow camping. This was the perfect time for that. I hope there are plenty of photo’s of the extraction.

  2. im4mudn says:

    Hi,, too bad it is cancelled,,,,so are we going camping out at the murray’s?

  3. BenBuilt says:

    So is there a back-up trip? My vehicle is all geared up and ready it to go. It’s looking a little antsy…

  4. artstine says:

    There may be a work party weekend on the Rubicon next weekend if folks are interested (and the weather doesn’t repeat the snow)

  5. BenBuilt says:

    I have decided to go to Lake Alpine today if anyone is interested in joining me. Thinking about doing Slick rock road or maybe deer valley trail. I plan to camp there this evening and do the trails tomorrow….


  6. artstine says:

    Time to head to the deserts for fall wheelin’ 🙂

  7. R_LIZRD says:

    I would like to thank all that committed to attend this work weekend. Sometimes things just don’t workout as planned. I cancelled this run as early as I could making sure I had all the information to make the right decision for all involved. I hope everybody found something else to do with your loaded up vehicles and now no place to go. I decided not to suggest an alternate plan at the time due to not really knowing how the extraction was going to go.
    Our President’s were really stuck. At the time, visibility was very limited due to heavy blowing snow. Our leader’s realized the conditions they had entered were more than there equipment was prepared to handle. (That’s what they were told anyhow by the Sheriff in his warm snowcat) As they were attempting to leave the area is when, Bill, in his Dodge, 4 door Mega Cab, slid off the road and down into a large drainage ditch. (Dave was YELLING, LEFT!! LEFT!! and Bill was turning RIGHT!! RIGHT!! as Bill was trying to backup) Making several attempts to extract his vehicle were unsuccessful. Leaving the area, calling for assistance, and seeking a warm motel room for the night was a smart plan.
    After I was contacted, I put a recovery team together that was local, well equipped, and had some recovery experience. That’s right, I assembled a team that has been recently named (in the September Mudslinger) as the Foresthill Powderpuffs. Now once we arrived, we found our Presidents basking in the sun, seaming not to get enough of it. A plan was put together by all involved, and then another plan was put together by all involved. O.k. so the Mega Cab Dodge 4×4 was extracted safely. We all safely arrived in Foresthill at around 6pm on Friday night. Our President’s were exhausted and glad to be in the safe hands of the Foresthill PowderPuffs. Hot Chili was made and some cocktails were consumed at a PowderPuff fire pit.
    In all seriousness, this could have been a really bad thing. Our Presidents were prepared for the worst weather and made some good decisions once they were stuck. It’s really nice knowing that a few Madhatter’s always step up and secure an early camp and have a hot fire going when everybody else shows up. THANKS!!!!
    I suggest, that after reading this, you print copies of the Club Roster, put them in all your vehicles, and call for help if you think you need it. Remember, you are now teamed up with the PowderPuffs and you can do anything.

  8. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    My deepest gratitude to the extraction team. Their expertise in extraction can not be questioned.

    I deeply regret and now fully understand my error of labeling the Forest Hill 4 Wheelers.

    By the powers vested in me as President of the Madhatters and a greatfully extracted shuttle captain, henceforth the extraction team will be known as the POWER Powder Puffs!

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