Fordyce Work Party.

I was contacted by Dave A. this afternoon. Dave L. and Bill (President) are having issues getting into Meadow Lake. Bill is stuck on the road into the lake. Dave L. has tried to pull him out, but ended up burning up his winch. There is 2 to 4 feet of fresh snow at Meadow Lake, per the search and rescue crew that was headed into Meadow lake to get campers out. I will keep everyone updated on the conditions as best I can. As of now, Friends of Fordyce say it is still a go for the work party.

P.S. President Bill is in his full size dodge 4×4 truck.


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  1. artstine says:

    I smell a Boner Award getting prepped for Bill in October 🙂

  2. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    It has been a long day full of trials. You couldn’t make this stuff up.
    Still planning on a fun filled weekend somewhere.

  3. BenBuilt says:

    So I take it we can still tell where the roads are…. that is a good sign. What was the HAM radio channel you guys are on again?
    Looking forward to some fresh snow…

  4. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    El President’ was getting stuck and we had to winch him out a few times.
    I seriously doubt this event is going to happen at least with much success. Mother nature often throws a wrench in the works. Search and rescue retrieved folks from a rig that was stranded and told me there was significant snow at the lake and conditions were much worse ahead of where i am stuck. Keep an eye on the blog for any last minute updates. At best the fordyce trail will be very wet. My guess is it will still be covered in snow. As for me, I am awaiting the extraction teams arrival.

  5. artstine says:

    Ben – the Madhatters use 147.555 simplex

  6. El Presidante says:

    While decompressing at Casters place Scott found out what happened with my Warn Winch………….. my Optima battery has two top posts and two bottom post’s. The winch is connected to the bottom posts. The positive winch cable got so hot that it actually melted the positive post and it fell out of the battery…… Go figure, but at least I still have a functioning Winch.

  7. El Presidante says:

    I realize this post is a bit tardy, but FYI, the Meadow Lakes Road was simply not do-able with the type of rigs we drive. Where Bill got stuck was at the bottom Motor Home hill and some of the snow drifts and deep ditches on the side of the road had 5 – 6 ft of powder snow. Personally, I was dissappointed that this work weekend was not cancelled by FOF sooner. This type of freak blizzard is how people get into serious trouble. When professional search and rescue personnel are getting stuck with snow mobiles it’s time to pull the plug.

  8. dlaursen says:

    FOF never canceled the event. They did post that “we completely understand if people in your group don’t feel comfortable heading out to the trail so closely after a storm. We sure don’t want people to feel pressured into something out of their comfort zone.” But the event was still held and they did perform some maintenance and had the picnic.

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