Optima Battery Info:

When President Bill and I got stuck in the snow on our way to Meadow Lake I did some heavy duty winching and suddenly my winch stopped working. Further investigation showed that the positive battery cable from the winch to the side battery post of my Optima battery got so hot that the post melted and fell out of the battery. When I purchased this battery last year 4Wheel Parts in Ripon installed it.
” I have since learned that in the literature provided with the battery it clearly state to not hook a winch to the side battery posts.”

I didn’t know this so I’m sharing the info with all of you winch owning wheelers.

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Past Madhatter President (9 years), Retired Police Officer. A mild stroke in 2011 slowed my wheeling down a bit but I'm still working on getting back in the game. I now am TOTALLY retired. Sue and I are approaching 42 years of marriage and our 2 kids and 7 Grandkids keep me busy. At the top of my priority list is getting all those Grandkids up in the mountains on camping and fishing trips. My bucket list is getting shorter but I've still got a lot of projects in the works.
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  1. artstine says:

    Ah yea – I got warned about that too when I bought my last big heavy duty Sears battery – as soon as the guy in the shop saw my Jeep outside, even tho I didn’t have a winch yet, he warned me not to use the front posts for anything with heavy draw (like winches) or other motors. Low-draw lights, radios, etc are fine. I guess inside the battery they use some pretty wimpy interconnects to the front posts.

  2. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    Good information.

    We normally have so many electrical items attached to our batteries anyway. Good to know not what to do.

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