Have a GREAT Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thanks to Craig and Carol for hosting this years event at the compound!   We had a fantastic Christmas party.

Proving that Madhatter compassion is as strong off the trail as on it, attendees helped make the food drive a great success as canned goods began to stack up for the food bank early in the day.

The aroma of holiday cooking permeated the air as head Chef Craig grilled succulent meats and our two poultry Iron chefs duked it out using different fryer techniques.

Prior to dinner a cornucopia of appetizers including shrimp, artichoke dip and elk dip wetted appetites for the anticipated main meal.

The main meal, a feast fit for a kings table, two prime rib roasts, a ham and two turkeys was accompanied by a variety of side dishes and left everyone completely satiated.

Dinner was followed by a brief meeting, an awards ceremony and then the evenings main events.

Our Madhatter Kids President presented all kids in attendance with decorated Christmas hats filled with goodies, a kids raffle and a fundraiser auction for Christmas hats decorated by Madhatter kids.

In appreciation of the efforts of our Madhatter Kids President, the great philosopher “Art” presented her with a few ITunes gift cards.

Our main raffle included a number of great items including three sets of Stauns, tire repair kits and custom roll bar handles.

Thanks to everyone that attended in making this years Christmas party a complete success.

To all a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

God bless you all!

Pres Wild Bill



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  1. R_LIZRD says:

    Merry Christmas everybody.

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