The Carnage Continues!

Air Tom, Carmen and I went for a day trip on the Con over Labor Day Weekend. We started at Wentworth Springs, with the plan of having lunch at Little Sluice. After we passed the postpiles, we dropped down in the bowl and ended up at what we now know is Hidden Sluice. After watching Tom drive up the side of the wall at about 40 to 45 degrees off camber for about 100 yards, I was a questioning if I sould really do this. Come to find out, that was the easy part. Once you get to the top of the sluice box you have to go hard right up a granite slab, then turn hard left and drop back down into the sluice box. You had to keep your tires on the two big rocks at the top and drop stright in. The surrounding area was all loose dirt. The drop back down into the sluice box was about 60 degrees. Well it didn’t quite work out that way. My rear tires slid off the left side of the rocks and my rear end started coming around on me. I finally stopped and was balance on two wheels. My driverside rear tire was wraped under, but I did not loose the bead. Tom and Carmen had to hang from the rocker guard on the passanger side while I turned hard into the slide. I was able to level out the rig, and we continued on. We finally made it to Little sluice about 2pm, and had lunch. We watched a few rigs try to go up Little Sluice. At about 3pm we started back to Loon Lake. About a 1/4 mile from Little Sluice is an area with granite steps you have to go up. Tom was the first one to go up, but he didn’t quite make it. As he was climbing up the steps he slid back, and when his rear tires hit the step below, Snap!! He broke a u-joint and his dif. yoke on his rear end. Well it was towing time. I towed him for about 2 miles before we found someone that hade the yoke. I had all the other parts, so we were in business! It took about an hour to get his rig up and running again. Tom, Carmen and I would like to thank Scott and his girlfriend for giving us the part, and staying around until we were fixed. We ended up camping at Airport Flats that night, and were back to Tom’s Loomis house by 10:30 the next morning. All in all it was a good trip. PS. A did ask for a picture when I was at the top of Hidden Sluice, but they thought it was a little to serious for that.

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  1. Wild_Bill_2 says:

    Sorry I missed it. Glad to see you all made it out safely. I’ll need to make sure to avoid that hidden path.

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