These seals will be the death of me.

Wanted to let those it concerned know not to expect me on the 11th. I’ve all but admitted defeat over replacing my axle seals and am contemplating having a shop deal with them instead. I may attempt one last time this weekend but I’m not holding my breath. Hope everyone going has fun!

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  1. artstine says:

    Sounds like you need to book an appt at Tom’s Jeep-fix-it shop. What part are you having issues with? Are the seals not seating properly or ?


  2. Squarelight says:

    Maybe I’ll give him a buzz soon. I’m using the all thread method to pull the seal in. But it’s impossible with one pair of hands. I’ll have help on Monday do if that still doesn’t work maybe i’ll big the newly wed haha thanks for the direction

  3. Lowoutput says:

    I’m gather you are doing the front axle seals on your D30. (thread method)
    The trick is to find the perfect size socket for the seal, get the biggest you can find
    that will enter the inside of the O.D. mating surface of the seal.
    I knock mine in with a hammer but the thread method works to.
    Also be sure to coat the O.D. of the seal with RTV, it makes the install easier.
    Let me know if you need some help.
    Fellow Squarelight
    Ed Rodrigues

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