What’s the plan for this coming weekend’s run?

What is the plan for this weekend’s snow run to Uncle Tom’s cabin/Loon Lake?



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5 Responses to What’s the plan for this coming weekend’s run?

  1. Squarelight says:

    I’ve talked to Chris, whose the trail boss, he said the local Madhatters are meetin at the Manteca spot around 7. That’s pretty much all I know, I’m anxious to get back out there.

  2. artstine says:

    Ok – I might look at finding a room up closer to Georgetown for Friday nite

  3. dlaursen says:

    I’ll be in Manteca by 7:00. See you then.

  4. Air Tom says:

    I will meet everyone in Georgetown around 9:30 am. Snow should be awesome we may have blizzard conditions. Everyone should come prepared for the worst.


  5. artstine says:

    Excellent! Bring plenty of BBQ sauce – this could become our “Donner Party” run 🙂

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