Rubicon trip

I’m going to assume that the weather/snow gods are going to be in our favour this year and we’ll be able to do this trip. That said, I’d like to start getting some idea of who’s figurin’ to make this trip since its  a 2.5-3 day run, depending on how far we want to go. Also want to get a read on whether folks want to go all the way thru to the Tahoe side or do a round-trip to Rubicon Springs and back to Loon Lake. And, I’d like to know this is your first run on the Rubicon and what your rig is equipped with. As a 10 rated trail, its going to be more involved than pretty much any other run we normally do (except for maybe Fordyce which is comparable in places).


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  1. Squarelight says:

    I’m planning on going, never been there and yeah I’ve heard stories about it’s 10-rating. I’d like to wheel my yj but if for some reason anyone thinks it just wouldn’t cut it, please let me know. I’d gladly be someones ‘navigator’. In my case, I think rockers, and clearance would be the issue. Heard 35″ tires at least are a must… I have:

    32″ mt’s
    auto locked front
    tow points front and back
    4.11 gears

  2. artstine says:

    We can certainly get that thru the trail in most places tho you will end up with more scrapes / dents possible. We should see what the trail conditions are closer to June and you can decide by then. I’ve seen lots of rigs without 35s on the Jeep jamboree – they need more spotting, etc to get thru. I would at a minimum recommend having some rail sliders otherwise you risk having some damage on the lower panels as you work your way thru.

  3. Cat_Dr says:

    I would also like to go. I have never driven it. I don’t care what the route is. I am not sure if Cortney is going to be able to make it or not. Possible new job this summer.
    As for equipment:
    2008 JK 2 door.
    Front and rear lockers.
    9.5 Warren winch.
    4:88 gears.
    Rocker protection and sliders.
    Engine,transmission/transfer case skid plates.
    Rear differential skid plate.
    4.5 RE Long arm lift.
    35″ BF Goodrich KM2’s X5 each.

  4. BenBuilt says:

    I would love to make this trip. I did part of the Rubicon last October, we made it a ways past walker hill, but not quite to the little sluice. It was pretty cold, snowy and icy. Can’t wait to try it again with better weather…

    I think it would be my preference to go all the way through to Tahoe, but I’m flexible.

    Rig is an 85 Toyota pick-up
    35″ Tires, 5″ lift, limited slip front and rear, dual transfer cases, exo cage, Warn 8k winch.

  5. ratherbcrawln says:

    We have already taken the days off of work and we are in – we are up for anything that the group decides to do – have been to the Rubicon multiple times and our Jeep is set-up for the trail – 78 CJ5, 9″ Ford front and rear, Detroit locker front and rear, 48 gears, T18 4 speed, AFW frame, injected 258 straight 6, winch, welder, air, 5″ lift, full roll cage, CB, and ham radio … we are wanting to go

  6. Michael Cline says:

    Wife approved my weekend pass so looks like I am planning on going.

    Have only done one partial Rubicon run. From the California side did about 1/3 to 1/2 way in and then back out.

    JK unlimited rubicon (so locked front/rear) on 37″s. Just about every undercarriage armor that anyone makes for the the JK. Strong aftermarket bumpers with good attachment points front and rear, and front winch. And I’m full of hot air: york based onboard air, air on warn power plant winch, and power tank.

  7. artstine says:

    Wow – your handle should be Air Michael 🙂

  8. Matt_I says:

    Art- I’m planning to tag along for the Rubicon trip. It’ll be my second time on the trail, having had no issues first time through. Though from what I understand some of the people I was traveling with that time were placing bets on whether this newbie was going to experience some carnage. To those doubters, SUCK MY ASS !!!, lol….no carnage experienced. Anyway…. looking forward to making the trip. Was at the club meeting tonight and though quite the motley crew, everyone seems really cool.

    As for equipment: 2006 Rubicon Unlimited
    Stock 4.0 l engine
    4:1 transfer
    Stock front and rear locked
    Superior shafts
    Front hub conversion
    5.5″ RE long arm, rear tri-link
    35″ BFG
    Sliders, gas skid, oil skid, front and rear armor, tube fenders, and corner protection
    Warn winch
    Powertank air
    I also have a couple of spare replacement hubs and a few tools.

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