Winter Fun Fest 2011 – Tundra Trek Run

It started by Tom, Carmen and I Going on a pre-run on Sat. January 8th. That didn’t work out as planned. The Electric Fan on Tom’s yellow Truck stop working. We got the truck back to Loomis, and then made a run to the local pick-n-pull. We found two fans that matched the on his truck. The best practice, (Two is one – One is none). We replaced the fan. Sunday morning we went for it again. We tried to run the trail that the Tundra Trek was going to be on. We made it to the first hill and that was it. We never even made it to Sailor Point Rd. The Snow had a hard crust on top and dry powder under it. Once you broke through the crust, you were done. We went back to Texas Hill Rd. and tried that trail. It was the same thing. I tried to make it back up to the trail on Friday before Fun Fest, but had some machanical issues. I fixed the problem and got up to Grass Valley about 12:30 pm on Friday. Some of the Grass Valley Four Wheelers went on pre-runs on some of the trails, and said the the rain on Wed. and Thurs. made a big differance on the snow conditions. The Tundra Trek trail started at the Emigrant Gap Exit off Hwy.80. We had 14 Registered participants and 13 trail crew. The snow was perfect! We Started out running north on Laing Rd. to Sailor Point Rd., With a minor detour. The first 5 rigs leading the group took a wrong turn. We were told by the trail commitee to take the first right turn after the bridge, so we did. We notice our error about a quarter mile up the road. My GPS showed we were off the trail. David Ainsworth (DD) redirected the groupand took over the lead. After a little work on turning around. The original lead vihicles were now running tail. DD broke trail and made it to Texas Hill Road. The group had to turn around at that point, do to a six foot deep hole that was not passable. Overall the trip went very well, and the participants were very happy. The WFF raffle went very well also. We had a total of $8,014.00 in ticket sales and silent auction. I would like to thank Grant Rubino from the Grass Valley 4 wheelers. He ran tail gun on our trail.

Steve Pizl, Scout
V.P. Madhatters 4×4


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  1. Air Tom says:

    I would like to thank Steve for doing an excellant job as Trail Boss at WInter Fun Fest and Double D for doing an even better job as Trail Boss after he took over. I would also like to report that the Yellow Willys ran flawlessly the whole day and was unstoppable in the snow.

    On a more important matter I would like to say that I was very proud to be a Madhatter this past weekend. Our club did a fantastic job in supporting CA4WDC in putting on this event. We recieved numerous compliments from the future president of the association, Mark Cave, from Bonnie Steele, from Joe and Nellie Malloy and from Frank Funk. Frank also expressed his extreme gratitude to our club for efforts in mkaing this a great event.

    I think we may also have picked up a few new potential members at the event. Mike and two of his friends were on the run with us and Mike helped with the raffle too. They all would make great additions to teh club.

    Finally, I would like to thank some club members for their help with the raffle. I could not have done it without the great assistance of Kevin Newall he was instrumental in getting many of the prizes and he worked the raffle booth from the time we started on Friday until we closed things down on Sunday morning. Darrel and George also worked from start to finish and did much of the setup and takedown. The gang from Foresthill were fantastic – The Jone’s, Scott, Murray and a couple others whose names I cannot remember at the moment. The Lemon family all helped and Craig even managed to climb the ladder to take down the banners Saturday night after consuming numerous alcholic beverages. We all were holding our breath until he was safely back on flat ground. Cort and his Daughter were great help. My two daughters and my girlfriend Carmen also worked throughout the whole event. Dennis and his friend Gary were also there to support our efforts. Steve did all of the projector operations and took care of counting the money. Hopefully I did not miss anyone. Thanks to all who helped – we did a great job!

    Tom Gunther

  2. Scout says:

    OK! If this working properly, you should be getting this comment. Check the post, if you haven’t seen the photo’s I added. The email system should automatically send out the comment.



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