Audio from May 2014 meeting uploaded

The meeting audio is now online here

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Updated closure map for Johnson Valley

Got a link to the new map showing the closure regions for Johnson Valley now that the Marines are claiming their new area for operations.

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Hi gang,
It’s time to think about the Rubicon trip. Larry asked me to fill in for Greg as trail boss. So unless Greg heels fast I guess I’m it. Larry said he was going to try to get the Chalet for Thursday like we did last year. A number of people came up early and I was thinking if enough people were able to come early we could do our adopt a trail work. If not we’ll have to think about a day latter in the month to do the work. Either way it’s time to start discussing what you guys want to. As before I’m asking you to let me know that you’re coming and when you expect to be at the Chalet @ Loon so no one is left behind. Also start thinking if you want to stop at Buck or go to the Springs. Let me know your thoughts. Now that George has Rubicon experience I expect him to be on the run to help Larry & I get through the trail. Greg if you change your mind let me know.
Thanks Craig

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Upcoming Rubicon Trip

Hello All, hoping to make the rubicon trip coming up. Has there been any talk or plans being made? Are people going to be meeting up for caravanning up together?
If people are meeting for the drive up I’d like to tag along. Let me know… Thanks!

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Howdy all – our registration is in! I sent out an email the other night asking for participants … As of now we have 15 vehicles signed up :) let me know if I can add you to our line-up. Guests are welcome to join us. All the details I have right now is parade starts at 10am. Thanks, Rene

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April MUDSLINGER posted

The MUDSLINGER minutes from the April 22 club meeting have been posted to the Members section of the Madhatters web site.

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Hi all,
Hope you guys had a great trip! Carol & I went to the Rubicon meeting. In the first half of the meeting an Analyst from El Dorado
County explained an attempt to designate the Rubicon a historical
place. Since there was no upside to doing so and a possibility the
tree huggers could use it against us he going to recommend the B.O.S
not proceed with it.
Next the El Dorado NF Ranger spoke about the 18 closed trails. She said they are working on Barret Lake trail but if it’s open this year it won’t happen until Oct. I asked about Deer Valley and she said it’s closed until further notice. The work crews are working on the Rim fire area.
Vickie Sanders our Parks & Rec. contact for the Rubicon spoke next. She said this years bandanas will have the last 4 bandanas on one. She’s also working on a 16 month calendar for the Rubicon. These will also be free. If you have a picture of the rubicon you would like to be considered for the calendar e-mail it to
As far as the Adopt a Trail goes, all the clubs received a binder with updated pictures and forms for the 14 sigments available and are all taken. There are more clubs on a waiting list. At this point the only requirement is one run in the spring and in the fall to measure and clear the water bars, to get the water resources board off their backs.
At the same time clear any trees or trash on the trail. The county has bought 9 digital cameras with a GPS stamp to loan out to clubs. They will supply rocks, equipment and labor to load the rocks. RTF has trailers to loan out and both will help anyway they can. FOTR will still be in place if we need any additional help. At this point there’s still water in the water bars. The county is going out to check them this week and tell us when we can start to think about a work day. The county will be fixing up the campsites and moving the toilet in Wentworth Springs which is the beginning of our adopt a trail. All in all it sounds pretty good. They aren’t going to have a bunch of rules unless they are needed. RTF bought muffins & fruit for breakfast and 20 RT pizzas & salads for lunch

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Trips this weekend

This weekends club trip is to the Lost Coast – if anyone has not yet signed up, please get ahold of Dale or Tom and let them know. You’ll need to get hotel reservations pretty quick.

May 1-4 I am heading to Calico down near Barstow to explore the old mining areas outside of the Calico Ghost Town. George is also going. Looks like the campground still has plenty of spots open if anyone wanted to make a last minute trip down with us.


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Easter Jeep Safari 2014 Moab, UT

Sunday, April 13th – Flat Iron Mesa in Reverse – Sparky’s Jeep & Red Ale’s Jeep ran this trail.┬áThe weather wasn’t very cooperative all day. We had a mixture of rain, sleet, hail, wind, thunder & lightening. The first obstacle was off camber, on the edge of a cliff that we had to maneuver around. We had a nasty rock crawl on another edge that was a challenge for all. The trail wrapped around the mesa overlooking Canyonlands National Park. We stopped for a short lunch due to the oncoming thunder storm and the cold and we all were anxious to get back into our Jeeps. As we headed out, our trail leader from the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, broke a front axle. We were about half way through the trail, the weather was being very uncooperative, the weather forced us to climb waterfalls literally on the slickrock. We ended the day at the car wash getting all the muck off of the Jeeps.

Monday, April 14th – Rose Garden Hill – Sparky’s Jeep, Red Ale’s Jeep & Air Tom’s Jeep. The weather was much more agreeable, a little cool, but nice. We started out crossing the same river at least two dozen times while making our way through a beautiful red rock canyon and valley and ended up at the base of Rose Garden Hill, the only real challenge of the day. We all made it up Rose Garden Hill with no issues, stopping at the top for lunch with a beautiful view. We ended the day by driving by the Top of the World trail, but our leader by-passed it. Our group made a stop by the Castle Creek Winery for some wine tasting before heading back to town.

Tuesday, April 15th – Fins & Things (ladies run to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation) – Sparky’s Jeep, Red Ale’s Jeep & Air Tom’s Jeep. Trail started out by mixing with the group leaving for the Hell’s Revenge trail and it was a cluster &*$! in the beginning. We felt this run was a little disorganized and not enough spotters in the places that needed them. Sparky & Red Ale had to get out to assist other drivers in more than one place. The trail traversed many steep obstacles on the sand stone slickrock. We encountered a disabled rig towards the end of the run and the Madhatters stopped to assist. They provided a hot dog lunch for all of us.

Wednesday, April 16th – Metal Masher – Sparky’s Jeep & Air Tom’s Jeep ran this trail – the weather had drastically improved. This trail began at the North end of town. It wrapped around traveling over many stair steps over the slickrock. There was a breakdown early in the run and they were forced to turn back. Our trail leader had us eat lunch in a different place due to winds on the ridge. But we were in a place that gave the extremes a places to play and us to watch. We climbed to the top of a canyon edge and we drove about 20′ from the edge and the view was beautiful. winding back down the mesa, our trail leader by passed Widow Maker Hill. We ended the trail by coming down several waterfall stair steps.

Thursday, April 17th – Golden Spike – Sparky’s Jeep, Red Ale’s Jeep & Air Tom’s Jeep – this trail had to start earlier in the morning due to the fact that it crossed Poison Spider Mesa trail, all of Golden Spike trail and part of Gold Bar Rim trail. We started running portions of the Poison Spider Mesa trail that switched backed and forth as we gained altitude through slice boxes and over waterfalls. We entered the slickrock of Golden Spike trail running on top of edgey places and off camber spots. The trail wound around to Nose Dive Hill which is a steep downgrade followed by Launching Pad which is a very steep upgrade. The trail was unforgiving more up and down. We wound our way around to the infamous Golden Crack where we all stopped and gathered to watch everybody drive through. At this point our group went from around 30 something to 20 something due to breakdowns. We made our way to Double Whammy, which most of us by-passed. There were stair steps and short vertical climbs ending with the Golden Staircase. All of us made it out with no issues. At this point we we done with Golden Spike trail and entering the last portion of Gold Bar Rim. It wound down to the bottom of the mesa, sand road. We met another HAM as our mid-gunner which gave us a historical and geological lesson which we all enjoyed over the HAM radio.


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MTA’s Mud-in-Yer-Eye event April 25-27

If folks are interested in attending this event down in Hollister next weekend, you need to make sure to register. More info available here:

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