Wilderness First Aid course

April 16,2016 Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Clinic Announcement

If you are interested in taking a Wilderness first Aid Course (WFA), Badlands Off-Road Adventures is sponsoring a 2 day class in April. We engage a professional medical instructor from Wilderness Medical Associates, the certifying agency.

Badlands Off-Road Adventures is sponsoring the Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WFA) clinic because we feel everyone should be prepared when they go outdoors. This will be the best first aid course you have ever taken. That is unless you go on to the Wilderness First Responder Class. The WFA clinic will provide you with skills, knowledge and training to handle life threatening medical emergencies and allows you to be better prepared to protect your family in an emergency. Wilderness First Aid is a two day immersion into general medical concepts and Basic Life Support skills. This course teaches what to do with a medical emergency when help is miles away and calling 911 isn’t an option.


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February meeting audio now available

Audio from February meeting available here: http://madhatters4x4.com/blog1/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Madhatters-Feb-2016-edit.mp3

Meeting highlights/notes:

  • 2016 member dues now payable – It is time to pay 2016 club dues.  If you haven’t already taken care of this then your dues can be paid at the February 23 club meeting. Please bring a check made out to ‘Madhatters 4×4 Club’.  Dues are $115; add an optional $15 ($130 total) if you also want to join CORVA.  Madhatters who are Cal4 Life members or pay their Cal4 dues through another club have dues of $70 + optional $15 for CORVA. Alternately, you can mail a check to me at the address below.

    Darrel Laursen
    Madhatters 4×4 Club Treasurer
    2283 Greenwood Rd.
    Pleasanton, CA  94566
  • King of the Hammers trip
    • Great week, weather was typical (nice followed by windy/cold, followed by ok but cold)
    • Josh unfortunately broke an axle on the first day, took most of the rest of the week to get fixed but at least he made it home without a side trip thru Compton like last year 🙂
    • During the days, we did Lower/Upper Big Johnson, Cougar Buttes, Rattlesnake Canyon/Mottino wash. Dave & Danny Jones did a bunch of nite runs to Turkey Claw, Sledgehammer and  Jackhammer.
    • Not a good week for tent camping. A few folks who came with tents packed up/left/got a hotel room after 60+mph winds moved in on Sunday
    • A bunch of us volunteered Weds-Fri as course marshals. Neat experience – we managed to keep spectators from getting run over, in spite of themselves. Got to see a bunch of great racing.
    • Did some recovery and helped get one injured racer airlifted out
  • Cal4Wheel convention
    • We hosted a hospitality room Friday – it was well attended, folks liked the slide show and the stories
    • The massive adopt-a-trail sign was in the Friends of Fordyce booth and ballroom during dinner.
    • Car show was well attended. Craig won ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Best Post-70s’ rig. Congrats!
    • Mixed reviews on dinner – our table got to eat last, ran out of food/food was cold :-/
    • We ended up helping run the raffle (Tom/Carmen, Craig/Carol, etc helped out to make it happen).
  • Boner nominations
    • Phil nominated Art to signing up John for  volunteer @KOH – no 2nd
    • Art nominated Josh for for multiple breakage at KOH – Josh mostly 2nd’d himself, John formally 2nd’d – winch, broken axle (38s on stock Dana44s)
    • Josh wins handily – gets to show boner at Easter Jeep Safari 🙂
  • Darrel/Phil to lead March snow run – details to come.
  • Easter Jeep Safari – contact Rene / John for any last minute details/travel plans
  • Rye Patch/Lassen-Applegate run – Dale has cabins reserved. Contact Dale for details
  • Discussion about ‘associate members’ (i.e. folks outside the area who cannot make it to meetings, but can meet up for runs/events). Proposals to come in the next couple months.
  • Ordering new flags from ForeverWave.com – 12×18″ flags with zip on/off mounting system.
  • Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 12.52.49 PM
    • Will have one in pink to replace the boner flag which is wearing out.
  • Darrel is looking into forest service conditional use permits/event insurance from Cal4 – might be useful for access to trails during winter which aren’t normally open.
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January 2016 meeting audio

January meeting audio online here: http://madhatters4x4.com/blog1/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Jan-2016.mp3



  • – Winter Fun Fest was great – lots of snow. Raffle raised over $10K, we led the snow run on Sunday – a bit of rain, but plenty of snow. Over 35 rigs on the run.
  • Cal4 Convention coming up in a couple weeks – we will host a hospitality room Friday nite
  • King of the Hammers in two weeks – John, Art, Josh, Mark, Chris, Jones’ are going
  • Rye Patch trip – get ahold of Dale for arrangements


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2016 calendar posted to website

I’ve updated the website event calendar to include all the events for 2016 so far (http://madhatters4x4.com/calendar.html). We still need trail bosses for a few runs. We will get ‘volunteers’ in the upcoming monthly meeting.

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For sale: transfer case and driveshafts

Cort is selling the original transfer case and driveshafts from his 2008 Rubicon:


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Winter Fun Jan 15-17 2016

Merry Christmas – just a reminder, I have emailed out the committee reg form for Winter Fun. If you still need to send it in and need another copy, please let me know.


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Thorough ham training and exams in 2016

Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club (MDARC) is now taking sign-ups for all 2016 ham radio license training.  All training sessions, seminars, and exams are in Concord, CA on Thursday evenings for 2 hours except for the first class and exams which run 1/2 hour longer.  The training classes are spread over multiple weeks and are not the “ham cram” variety.

Sign up by emailing HamRadioClass@gmail.com.  You will receive an auto response that is the registration form.  Use Reply, complete the form, and return it to HamRadioClass@gmail.com.

There is no cost for the training sessions but you must pre-register.  Do not show up without registering because you will need to download the class lesson to attend.  The correct ARRL text book may be available at the first training session for about $27 (price subject to change).

Complete ham class schedules and times can be found at http://www.saternconcord.org/calendar.php.

  • Training for Technician class license, the first ham license level, starts Jan 14 for 7 weeks.
  • Exam for all license classes on Mar 3. There is a cost for this.
  • Amateur Radio “Getting On The Air” skills seminar starts Mar 10 for 2 weeks.
  • Training for General class license starts Mar 31 for 8 weeks.
  • Exam for all license classes on May 26.  There is a cost for this.
  • Amateur Radio “Getting On The Air HF” follow-up for the General class on Jun 2.
  • Training for Amateur Extra class license starts Aug 11 for 10 weeks.
  • Exam for all license classes on Oct 20.  There is a cost for this.


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November club roster posted

The Madhatters club roster has been updated with our new members and latest changes.  The roster is available in both PDF and XLS formats.  Please let me know if you have changes for your entry (address, email, phones, rig picture, ham info, rig mods, etc).

Find the updated roster in the Madhatters web site’s Members section.  Sign in using your Madhatter web site credentials.  If you don’t remember your credentials then send Art or Darrel an email and one of us will get you setup.

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Preliminary run/event list for 2016

At the October meeting, we made a quick pass thru some proposals for 2016. Please review and suggest other runs for stuff not already nailed down, as well as volunteering for trail boss/asst. trail boss. 2016 will be a fun year and a good time for new folks to be assistant trail bosses (hint hint):

  • Jan 15-17   Cal4Wheel Winter Fun Fest – Madhatters will run the Saturday raffle and lead the Sunday snow run – Trail boss: <needed>
  • Jan 29-Feb 6 – King of the Hammers (Johnson Valley) – Trail boss: Art
  • Feb 19-20 Convention (Sacramento) – Madhatters will enter the car show (John to coordinate). Possible day run to Prairie City OHV?
  • Mar 19-27 Easter Jeep Safari (Moab, UT) – Trail bosses: John & Rene
  • Mar ? – Snow run (- Trail boss: <needed>
  • April 15-17 – Rye Patch (NV)– Trail boss: Dale
  • May 13-15 – Cal4Wheel Molina Ghost Run (Hollister Hills SVRA)
  • May 20-22 – Ladies Run to Bear Valley Loop Trail – Trail boss: Rene
  • May 27-30 – Cal4Wheel High Desert Roundup (Stoddard Valley near Barstow)
  • June 3-5 – Rubicon Trail – Trail boss: Craig
  • June 11 – Livermore Rodeo Parade – Coordinator: Rene
  • July 15-17 – Swamp Lake – Trail boss: Dennis
  • Aug 4-7 – Sierra Trek – Trail boss: Dave Jones?
  • Sept 2-5 – Cal4Wheel High Sierra Poker Run (Swamp Lake)
  • Sept 3-5 – Cantina for the Con (Loon Lake)
  • Sept 9-11 – Club picnic – Deer Valley or Gold Lake – Trail boss: <needed>
  • Sept 30-Oct 2 – Barrett Lake – Trail boss: John
  • Oct ?? – Slick Rock? – Trail boss: <needed>
  • Oct 13-14 – Cal4Wheel Operation Desert Fun (Superstition Mtns)
  • Nov 11-13 – Cal4Wheel Panamint Valley Days
  • Nov <thanksgiving week> – suggestions needed + trail boss
  • Dec 3 – Christmas party – need host
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October 2015 meeting audio now available

October 2015 meeting audio now available here:


Meeting highlights:

  • Great trips to Barrett Lake and Slick Rock
    •  Bill & Jenni jointly got the bone, for multiple non-fixed maintenance issues and bailing on Slick Rock enroute due to failures (including AC?!?)
  •  We celebrated George turning 80 with a surprise cake!
  •   Club Xmas party to be held at John & Rene’s – details to come
  •   Winter Fun – we will be doing the raffle and trail boss of Sunday run. Rene will email out committee registration form to everybody
  •  Club was asked by Amy to do raffle for Convention in February. Vote was taken and we voted to not run the raffle for Convention, due largely to the short time period between WFF and convention, as well as its a good opportunity for another club to do a raffle.
    • We will be participating in a club hospitality suite. Person in charge TBD. John will take charge of club participation in vehicle show. Rene will coordinate for the dinner.
  •  Nominations requested for 2015 recognition awards. None were brought up at the meeting, but send Rene/John email up to November 18 so we have time to prepare awards for the Xmas party.
  •  Upcoming runs:
    • Nov 7th Chris & Dustin will trail boss a day to Hollister;
    • Thanksgiving week (Nov 22-29) Calico trip – Art as trail boss
  • Budget voted for xmas party: $700 to John & Rene for table/chair rentals and Rene will get gifts for kids attending; everybody donate something for the raffle and we will cut Dale’s budget to $400 for bigger gifts. (Last year the raffle took way too long.)
  • Voted in new member, Jack Hardy
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