Run to Uncle Tom’s Cabin this Saturday, Feb 14

So the plan is to meet at Wendy’s in Manteca and DEPART from there AT 7:00.  It’s on Hiway 120, just as you come off 99.  Please let me know if you plan to meet us there.  If you need to reach me that morning, my cell is 925-518-2552.
If you’re going straight up to Georgetown, we’ll meet on Main St. about 9:00.  It’s easy to find each other there.

Since it’s Valentine’s day, feel free to do something appropriate.

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King of the Hammers 2014 – Jan 30-> Feb 6

The King of the Hammers race week is coming up soon down in Johnson Valley and several folks have told me they were interested in going down and coordinating a camp setup. I’m planning on heading down Friday Jan 30 in the early morning (if we can leave early enough, getting to the lakebed Friday evening or at the latest Saturday morning.). 

Event info here:

The folks I’ve gone with the past few years and I set up camp on the west side of Hammertown, within easy walking distance of Gate 4 (per the maps from the last several year – not sure what the setup is going to look like this year).

If you get to the lakebed before the bulk of racers are pre-running the trails, there is lots of fun wheeling to be had, of varying different levels. My plan is to try to get as much wheeling in Sat-Tues as possible. Weds is still possible to wheel, but there will be a lot more folks out on the trails. Thurs/Fri are the main races.

Here’s a good (tho perhaps somewhat dated) info thread on Pirate for KOH camping and spectators:

Let me know if you are looking to come down and want to coordinate camping. I’ll probably be getting a WiFi setup thru Mojave WiFi to get ‘net access for work, so if anyone is interested in splitting access costs, lemme know too.


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2015 Conflicting run dates

Here’s a list of various other group runs with dates. I’m thinking this may help us draft our ’15 run schedule, as well as give us some insight as to when certain trails may be less crowded. If anyone finds my dates are wrong or have changed, feel free to update. Thanks


February 6-7 Cal 4 Wheel Convention (Visalia)
March 6-8 Tierra del Sol
March 28- April 5 Easter Jeep Safari (moab)
May 7-9 Jeep Jamboree (big bear)
May 22-24 High Desert Roundup
July 23-26 Jeepers Jamboree
July 31-August 2 Jeep Jamboree
(Pirate 4×4 lists Jeep Jam on aug 6-9?)
August 6-9 Sierra Trek
September 5-6 Cantina on the Con
November 13-15 Panamint

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all,
The Badrocr is getting a face lift. I’m looking to get a built in ham radio. HRO has a Yaesu FT8800R on sale for $360. Does anyone have experience with this radio and is this a good price?
Thanks, see ya soon,

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2015 Tentative Run Schedule

The following is the tentative run schedule for 2015 that was discussed at the October meeting. This run schedule will be voted on at the Christmas party. If anyone has suggestions or requests please post as comments to this post. We welcome all suggestions and comments and this list is by no means the final schedule for 2015.

January 23-25    Winter FunFest – Grass Valley    TB – Tom G. & TBD

February ??   Uncle Tom’s Cabin or Cherry Lake Snow Run TB – Dennis A. & TBD

March 7 RTF Black Tie & Boots Fund Raiser Event Placerville – TB Rene A.

March ?? Highway 4 Snow Run  TB – Darrel L. & TBD

April ?? Lost Coast – TB Tom G. & Dale F.

April ?? Carnegie Day Run – TB Mike Cline & TBD

May ?? Ladies Run Bear Valley Loop (Truckee) – TB Rene A. & TBD

June 13 Livermore Parade – TB TBD

June ?? Rubicon    – TB Craig L. & TBD

July ?? Barrett Lake – TB John A. & TBD

August ?? Sierra Trek – TB TBD

September ??  Deer Valley Club Picnic – TB TBD

October ?? Slick Rock – TB Chris G. & TBD

November ?? Panamint/Mojave Desert – TB John A. & Tom K.

November ?? Hollister Hills – TB Chris G. & Dustin L.

December 5 Club Christmas Party Location TBD

I believe that these were all of the suggestions made in the October meeting.    We are looking for Trail Bosses and Assistant Trail Bosses for most of these runs.    Assistant Trail bosses are great spots for club newcomers to help out and get a better understanding of the requirements of being a trail boss.   This list will be updated as comments or suggestions are recieved.   As was discussed in the meeting there is nothing wrong with having multiple runs in a month as long as we have people willing to lead them.

President Air Tom


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Updated club roster and more pictures

The Madhatters web site has new updates.

  • Club Roster.  The club roster has been updated to add Derek and Mari who joined the club at the October meeting.  It is current now for all club members.  Please let me know if you have changes for your entry (address, email, phones, rig picture, rig mods, etc).  Find the updated roster in the site’s Members section.  The roster is available in both PDF and XLS formats.
  • Photo Album.  Additional pictures are available from the Slick Rock (Oct 2014) run.  As usual links are available from the web site’s Photo Album page.  Thanks to James for sharing the pictures he took.
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Christmas party

Hi all – the Evite has gone out to all members & guests. Please make sure you RSVP as soon as you can so we can get an accurate head count. Any questions, please let us know. Sparky & “F” Bomber

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October meeting audio

Audio recording from October 2014 meeting is downloadable here:

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Rubicon Adopt-a-Trail work, Aug 2014

Craig sent out a call for help to finish off the work on the Madhatters section of the Rubicon for Labor Day weekend to finish up the work that he & Stephanie, Scott Caster and Bill McDaid started back at the end of June.

George and I took Craig & Carol up on their kind offer to come up to their place the nite before and get an early start. George arrived mid-afternoon and I rolled in towing my trailer early evening. Taking a wrong turn up their driveway, I managed to scrub a few thousand miles of useable life off my new truck tires getting up the steep side :-(. I’m pretty sure Carol got pictures to document it.

After leaving a hundred plus feet of skid marks, I parked and we headed out for dinner, meeting up with Dale at a local joint. After a good dinner, we crashed for the nite and planned for an early start. We were supposed to meet up with Dale in the morning on the way to the trailhead, but Dale discovered early in the morning that his cabin in Pollock Pines got busted into and trashed, so he had to deal with that and wasn’t able to join us for the day on the trail.

We made our way up to the trailhead, meeting up with Tom, guest Josh Ebel, Mike Cline and Cort at Airport Flats around 10am and proceeded down to the Wentworth Springs campground to air down. We got to the start of our adopt-a-trail section is short order and Craig walked us thru the work to be done on the ‘rock energy dissipaters’ (RED) which involved clearing out accumulated silt and debris and carrying it off the trail. With the group of eight of us, we managed to finish the task in about an hour and a half or so.

IMG_5363 IMG_5348

From there, it was time to enjoy the Rubicon and loop around to Loon Lake and the Cantina for the Con, which was going on that weekend. We got up to Devil’s Postpile and it was a decent challenge. After I went up thru it, I realized George was getting hung up behind me, so we all got out and worked to get him unstuck, but not wanting to push it further, we got him backed out and up and around the bypass. Tom and Craig went up thru the Postpile, with George, Cort and Josh heading up around the bypass. From there we wandered down to the intersection near Ellis Creek and took the trail back towards Loon.

IMG_5375 IMG_5385

Somewhere in the next ¼ mile or so, Tom was chirping on the radio to Craig about Jeeps being recovery vehicles for Bronco’s. Shortly after tempting fate, Tom broke down – having broken his rear track bar mount. Craig got the last laugh on this one and graciously passed along the Boner to Tom. Karma is a cruel mistress :-)

IMG_5416 IMG_8463

We jacked up Tom’s Jeep, and were able to re-connect the track bar without the now mangled bracket so he could make it out to Loon with breaking out the welder. The last mile from there was uneventful and we pulled into Loon just in time for the raffle to start. I don’t think any of us won much of note, but that’s not really the point – it’s a great event to contribute and give back to support the Rubicon trail for generations to come. Many thanks to everyone who was able to help out and keep the AAT effort going.

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Slick Rock Run Report

Hi All. My apologies for the late Run Report.

We had a great weekend. The weather was perfect. We had group of 10 rigs out on the trail. Guest’s Derek and Mari, George, and My self left the Wendy’s parking lot a little after 7:00 AM on Friday, Oct. 10. After stopping at the USFS station in Hathaway Pines and again for fuel in Arnold, we arrived at Utica Reservoir around 10:00 AM. We found guest Mark and his two daughters already in camp waiting for us from the night before. After arriving and picking out our camp sites for the weekend, guest’s Jaymes and Matt arrived. Later that afternoon guest’s Tom and Josh as well as new member’s James and Mary arrived. Mark’s wife, Danielle arrived late Friday evening. Larry rolled into camp around 8:30 AM Saturday morning with several bundles of fire wood. I called a drivers meeting around 9:00 AM and we were all aired down and on the trail by 10:00 AM. After crossing the bridge shortly after starting in on the trail I noticed there were only a couple of rigs behind me. I called over the CB to see how the club was doing and I got a reply with “Matt’s Cherokee blew a heater hose”. They also stated that Larry had some spare heater hose and they were able to get it repaired. We continued on towards the “Stair’s” where we had to wait for a Blazer and a CJ7 to climb up. We got every one down the stairs with out any issues. The group continued on through the trail and we all made the climb up the “Slick Rock” obstacle. From there we were moving along until I got to a squeeze point in the trail. With a rock wall on the passenger side and a huge boulder on the driver’s side that forced you to climb the wall with the front passenger tire in order to keep the left rear corner of the vehicle from hitting the big boulder. At this point I decided to park further up the trail and spot the rest of the group through. We had one minor issue with Derek’s front sway bar link becoming inverted and interfering with the left front tire”s abbility to turn right. After a few minutes and disconnecting his “quick disconnect” we were able to continue on to the creek area for lunch. After lunch we headed out the trail to the Lake Alpine side and aired up in the day use parking lot. From there the group split up and a couple of the guest decided to go back to camp and several of us took a short run up to the Bear Valley Look Out for photo’s and then we headed back to camp. Larry and a couple of the guest’s headed home saturday after the run. The rest of the group packed up Sunday morning and headed home from camp. Over all it was a great run. I had fun leading the group through the trail. I hope every one had a good time.

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