July 2015 meeting notes and audio

Audio recording of July 2015 meeting available here: http://madhatters4x4.com/blog1/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/July-2015-Meeting.mp3


Highlights from meeting:

  • Trip report from July Lower Fordyce run – the 16 hour ‘day run’ (“The Longest Day” or “The Fordyce Death March”) – in at 9:30am, out at 2am. John & Art highly misjudged the rate of travel with the group and we got to WH2 as the sun was setting. From there to the top of Committee took another 4 hours. Ugh. Mostly minor carnage: Sherry – two tires de-beaded & rocker panel dents. Amber – dented oil pan and shredded front drive shaft boot. Gary – broken front axle.Tony – seized rear locker. Lisa – failed front u-joint by the time she made it home. There was no welding required or any major recovery needed. Ok, Larry needed to be winched off a few tree roots/stump, but its a Bronco thing 🙂
  • Tom isn’t able to make it to Trek to run the raffle – had to go in for emergency surgery for a detached retina.  We got it handled with Dave/Rene/Art/John/Kurt/Terry, etc.
  • Sierra Trek coming up next week. Kurt/Terry, Dave Jones, Rene, etc will be up this Friday/Saturday to tape off our section and set up tents. For folks doing the Thurs run, we have 10 rigs signed up. Plan is to meet at Jones’ cabin Weds nite, grill/bbq dinner there and get a decent nites sleep. For Thurs we will skip staging and head in before the rest of the groups via the Indian Springs entrance. Art is going to do some photography/video  so we need to be out in front to do this.
  • Barrett Lake is open again, so we are going to try to get a weekend in Sept to run it. August looks filled  with other clubs swarming there.
  • Cantina coming up over Labor Day weekend – its a good event to help with the trail.
  • Sept picnic – Deer Valley is still closed. Looks like the plan is going to be to camp at Airport Flats and play on the Rubicon and check out our Adopt-a-Trail section the same weekend.
  • Slick Rock in October is still on. Chris will have final plans for the August meeting.
  • Thanksgiving week trip to the desert – looking at options including Panamint, Calico, Johnson Valley/Stoddard Valley. George inquired about Saline Valley, but the nudity around the hot tubs in Saline might be an issue for folks with kids or weak stomachs.
  • Amber voted in as a member. Welcome Amber!
  • Boner award – where to start with all the ‘fun’ on the July Fordyce run. Nominees: Larry for having his Bronco almost flopped by some tree roots (and roots that even Sherry was able to clear :-), Art&John for really bad trail time planning for the Fordyce run, and Amber for her balancing on a boulder on the WH1 bypass. Larry won it by one vote!
  • Easter Jeep Safari next March – the campground that John & Rene wanted to go back to starts taking reservations Aug 1. Rene will send mail out with the details.
  • Voted on proposal by Art to have the club cover group camping fees for events, including club runs (like Trek and the Chalet rental @ Loon Lake for the Rubicon run), work parties where we have to pay for group camping. It would not cover Larry’s hotel costs or individual camping fees like at Cisco Grove. Motion passed. Treasurer will manage the budgeting of this annually and raise any issues if they come up, but we won’t keep voting on these individual expenditures any longer.
  • Dennis mentioned whether we wanted to try to host a club hospitality room at Convention next year. Cal4 apparently had issues with clubs serving alcohol and that won’t be happening again, so not clear whether we’d get people in the room without booze. In any case, it appears the host hotel is out of suite rooms anyway.
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July club roster posted

The Madhatters club roster has been updated with our two newest members.  The roster is available in both PDF and XLS formats.  Please let me know if you have changes for your entry (address, email, phones, rig picture, ham info, rig mods, etc).

Find the updated roster in the Madhatters web site’s Members section.  Sign in using your Madhatter web site credentials.  If you don’t remember your credentials then send Art or Darrel an email and one of us will get you setup.

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1) Sierra Trek registration is due July 22nd. Please let me know if you have any questions.

2) Madhatter gear order being placed. I have just sent an email with the link. Let me know what you need.


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Definitive answer on ARB pressure

from an email by Dennis.
——– ——– ——– ——–

I thought some of you might like to know this.

Here’s a good link to how to rebuild an ARB locker.  The problems they found are exactly what I found in mine.  Parts are on order.

I sent a query to ARB Tech (see below).  I had heard different stories about what pressure range to use with the locker, compared with the instructions I had from 2007.  So their guy gave me an answer I like:

Hey Dennis,

When installing a new bonded seal or O-rings I coat them with gear oil (80/90w).
The pressure for locker activation is good between 85 and 150 psi. For years it was 70-100 but we have found through competition use that they are good up to 150psi. Beyond that the solenoid will start to leak off at about 170-180psi. The higher pressure gives a better “punch” to the clutch gear for engagement and stronger pressure to stay engaged.

Hope this helps

——– Forwarded Message ——–


I find myself rebuilding an RD116 in my Jeep after 8 years of pretty easy usage.  But I have a couple of questions:

1)  What lubricant should I use on the new bonded seal?

2)  The installation instructions (that I saved!) say that the minimum air pressure is 85 psi and the maximum is 105 psi.  But I have found more than one website that says they should use no less than 100 psi, but are OK up to 150 psi.  Can you enlighten me about this?  I have Kilby onboard air that cycles from 140 psi to 120 psi, and have had two regulators fail that were set to 95 psi, so would like to eliminate the regulator.

Thanks, Dennis

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June 2015 meeting audio now available

June 2015 audio available here to download: http://madhatters4x4.com/blog1/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/June-2015-Meeting.mp3

Meeting highlights:

  •  June was a busy month with Rubicon, Livermore Parade and Fordyce work weekend
  •  Rubicon trip went great
    • 18 rigs total (members + guests), including a guest from Canada (Pierre & Suzanne)
    • no major problems and weather cooperated (mostly). And we left the Chalet on time, shortly after 7am. Probably a Madhatter record 🙂
    • Minor breakage (Craig – motor mount, Dennis – steering trackbar), but little else
  • Livermore Parade was well attended – about 14 rigs
  • Fordyce work party
    • John & Rene, Art, Dennis, Gary, Tom, Mike, Jenni & Bill, Larry, Kurt & Terry helped out
    • Between Tom’s trailer & FoF Toyota pickup, we got ~20 loads of rock to fill the mud hole and seasonal creek
    • Larry’s rear locker blew up on the way back up winch hill 5, but work parties are boner free events
  • Boner nominations
    • Pierre honorary nomination for various things on the Rubicon
    • Craig for breaking down again in the granite bowl (Tom nominated)
    • Chris for wallowing in the mud pit past Rubicon Springs (Art nominated)
    • John for forgetting the keys for his Jeep he towed to the parade (Bill nominated)
    • Winner: John!
  • July run
    • Barrett Lake is closed til August, Barney Riley has a fire running across it right now
    • Plan C was between Niagara Rim/Swamp Lake/lower Fordyce area.
    • Folks mostly preferred lower Fordyce, camping at Cisco Grove. Rene will send update out in email about camping there in the next 24 hrs.
  • Sierra Trek coming up – committee registration due soon
    • Help with raffle solicitation is needed – Tom distributed list for folks to help with
  • Sending flag options to folks to get feedback
  • Nicknames
    • Larry was nominated to be LLL (Leave the Lights on Larry) in honor of his recent preference to camp at hotels in Truckee for a couple trips now. Other suggestions were Leisure Suit Larry, Luxury Larry
  • Rene is placing an order in 2 weeks for t-shirts/hats/jackets – order now to have by Trek. Check out  www.sanmar.com and let her know.


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Fire restrictions go into effect July 1 (Tahoe NF)

Fire restriction go into effect July 1st 2015. Please spread the word.

Fire Restrictions
• No open fires, campfires or charcoal fires are allowed on Tahoe National Forest lands outside of designated areas, even with a valid California Campfire Permit, except within the oven at Wheeler Sheep Camp.
• Lanterns and portable stoves using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel are allowed, unless otherwise restricted, with a valid California Campfire Permit available from Forest Service offices during business hours and at www.preventwildfireca.org/Campfire-Permit.
• No possessing or using any kind of firework or other pyrotechnic device, including explosives.
• No smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle, building, or designated recreation site.
• Internal combustion engines are restricted to National Forest System roads, trails, and areas, as identified on the Tahoe National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map (including the Prosser Pits Developed Off-Highway Vehicle Area). Motorized cross-country travel between roads, trails, and areas is prohibited.

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Rubicon 2015

Hi Gang,
For those of us that went up Thursday we were greeted with thunder & lightning downpours and an inch of hail. We had no problem getting up on time in the morning after listening to Scott’s snoring all night. By 7am we had 18 rigs all aired down and ready to go ,including a couple from Canada. They found us on facebook . Thanks again for being ready on time. Things were going well until I went up the steps on the other side of the bowl and ripped a motor mount. John and his dad welded straps to fix it. Meanwhile Tom & DD took over to keep the club rolling. Thanks guys! After a loose bolt stop we caught the main group by Ellis. By the time we got to little sluice John developed a leaky hose. A small group waited for John, the others continued with Tom & DD to camp .That was the last we saw of the main group. We all got stuck a little but only Canada needed the wench and straps. We got to the Springs about 4:30 got camp set up without getting wet. The storm was there it just went around us. We had a nice relaxing Saturday. Scott caught a fish. I caught a couple dozen crawdads and a trout. In the afternoon we had a lot of lightning and it poured at dark. John & Tom lead 14 rigs at 7am, I heard Chris got stuck in the mud. The rest of us left at 9:20 moving at a record pace. We caught the main group at Tahoma staging around noon. We had no damage except Canada loss a piece of fender on V rock. We had a great run with 18 rigs and very little problems.

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May 2015 Meeting audio now available

Meeting audio is downloadable here:

Madhatters May 2015


  • New 4×4 repair shop in Livermore has opened
  • Great weekend for the first annual Ladies Run
  • Bill was the overwhelming recipient of the Boner for May (like in a billion to one vote)
  • Rubicon trip coming up June 4-7 – we have rented the Chalet @Loon for Thurs nite, so please try to come up for the nite and we can get an early start. Let Craig / Art know if you are coming and whether you will be there Thurs or Friday morning. We are trying to leave early Friday.
  • Livermore Rodeo parade June 13 – Rene will send updates on the plan as soon as she has them
  • Committee signup for Sierra Trek now available here: http://regonline.com/sierratrekcommittee – password: trekkies2015
  • Adopt-a-trail work needed on Fordyce in June – we’re shooting for June 20 to harden between WH4 and 5
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Access alert from Cal4wheel – West Mojave Plan

Deadline is June 4, 2015

The West Mojave Route Management Plan is open for public comments through June 4, 2015. The BLM is proposing to add about 4,500 miles of roads to the legal road network for motorized vehicle travel. The OHV community needs to support this by making positive comments to add the roads to the system as opposed to closing them permanently. The link to the website is below:


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set screw: Stainless steel 316 vs. Alloy steel black oil finish

I need to replace a pair of temporary bolts added during last weekend’s emergency mechanical fix with proper set screws.  The set screws are used inside the engine bay to adjust the position of the York air compressor on its mounting plate.  The serpentine belt has no tensioner so shifting the air compressor is the way I have to tension the belt.  I have found set screws online in 2 forms:  “Stainless steel 316” and “Alloy steel black oil finish“.  Should I use stainless steel here or is alloy steel acceptable/preferable?  The stainless set screws are 3 times the price, but the overall price difference of $6 makes price not a factor to me for this job.


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