Swamp Lake Run, 7/15-7/17

I heard from Lloyd, who’s down in the Shaver Lake area, yesterday. He said the rangers told him on Friday that the trail was still closed because it’s too wet, but it’s been hot down there. He will call me tomorrow (Monday) if it opens, and Tuesday either way.

I’m in favor of just going ahead and going down. Lloyd said he and his group had spent all day running other fun trails anyway. If agreed, I’ll be going down on Wednesday and will post conditions on Thursday. We should plan to meet on Friday at the Dinkey Creek ranger station, which is at the entrance to the Dinkey Creek campground about 10:30. Take Dinkey Creek Road east out of Shaver Lake. You should get gas in Madera and top off in Shaver Lake. It’s probably a 4 hour drive from Livermore with those stops. There is no cell coverage after you leave Shaver Lake.

Please let me know if you plan to come, so we won’t leave without you.


NEW edit:

I just heard from Lloyd that Swamp Lake is open.  Fire restrictions are already in effect, so no open fires.  Maybe Larry can bring his propane campfire?  There is water and a little campground store at the Dinkey Creek Ranger Station.

So far I’ve heard from Phil, Larry,  and Gary.  And Lloyd and friends are already down there.


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Fordyce Adopt-a-Trail sign installation + Fordyce trip

This coming weekend (7/8-7/10) a few of us were heading up to Cisco Grove with plans to run parts of Fordyce/Signal Peak/etc and also set up the next Adopt-A-Trail sign at the trailhead for Fordyce @ the Eagle Lakes entrance. Plan was to do the sign install starting between 8:30-9am Saturday morning and the other days go run the trail. Also there is a rock crawling competition up in Donner Saturday and Sunday in case folks were interested:


I am planning on getting up to Cisco Grove late Thursday afternoon and leaving sometime Sunday. John and Josh were planning on arriving sometime Friday. Mark is trying to get his rig trail ready in the next few days to come play as well. Everyone is welcome to join, particularly if you’d like to help dig post holes for the sign, mix concrete, etc.




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Ham cram for General exam

For folks with the tech license looking to upgrade a General license, the Livermore Ham Club is holding a cram/exam at the end of July:



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June meeting – 6/28/16 @7pm


June trips:
We’ll have a report from John on the Rubicon run (lots of mechanical adventures to go around).

Rene will report on the Livermore Rodeo Parade.

Art will report on our Adopt-a-Trail run to the Rubicon last weekend

July trip:

Dennis will discuss details of the July trip to Swamp Lake – not sure if Swamp Lake trail will be open in time, but if not, we will have an alternate plan.

Art/Dave Jones will have an update on Sierra Trek raffle plans and everyone’s list of vendors we need ya to contact for prize contributions. Trek is in 6 weeks, so we will also discuss the plans for Trek and the registration details.

Adopt-a-Trail work:
– we got part of our Rubicon work done last weekend, but will need to schedule another day and get some more hands up there to clean out the remaining silt traps. Looking at some weekend day in July.
– Fordyce doesn’t need much in our section of the trail, other than perhaps the usual trash cleanup. There are some other upcoming projects on Fordyce that I’ll get more details on soon.

As always, if you have pics from any trips, bring them on a USB stick/memory card or CD/DVD and we can add them to the club’s photo gallery on Flickr.



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Is it Art?

F 350 ; broken radiator / broken steering box

Jeep; pitman arm won’t stay tight

John’s CJ 5; broken tie rod

Craig’s razor; broken front diff. Pinion carrier. On the right is the rear pinion carrier for the Bronco. Yea Art was also there. I’m seeing a trend. It was a pleasure having Art around for a week while his truck got repaired and I want to thank John & Art for helping me take care of our Rubicon adopt a trail spring clean out. Continuing to be one of  best clubs working on the Con. I’m down to the power wagon so we will see you guys at Trek. Carol has already got raffle prizes lined up.


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Rubicon Adopt A Trail

Hi Guys,
John and Art are talking about doing some work on the AAT this Sunday. If anyone wants to help us please let me know.

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April 2016 club roster posted

The latest Madhatters club roster has been updated with our new members and latest changes.  The roster is available in both PDF and XLS formats.  Please let me know if you have changes for your entry (address, email, phones, rig picture, ham info, rig mods, etc).

Find the updated roster in the Madhatters web site’s Members section.  Sign in using your Madhatter web site credentials.  If you don’t remember your credentials then send Art or Darrel an email and one of us will get you setup.

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Blog update done

Ok, done with the blog upgrade – working on getting email ‘reply to post/comments’ working so folks can just reply to blog posts reliably by email.

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Updating blog software

I’ll be updating the blog software tonite to fix a number of bugs and security issues.

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Rye Patch

Trucks on the trail

Razor rideHunter and Riley Trucks on the trail

Again l want to thank my my big buddy & wife for a great weekend  at Rye Patch. Members ; D.D. & girls, Dale & Jean, Carol & I, past members Keith &Sheri Robb and Dale’s  friends  Jerry &  Lila . 2nd run. Really had a great time. It was a little cold but nice. No boners that I saw. My wife got 48 geocaches on her birthday. As a sidebar when I got home I found out that I received the FOTR award for volunteer of the year  which I share with my wife. Also our friends &  past Madhatters , Jerry & Julie Reffner received the same award with a couple of other well deserving  folks. Just a note folks you will be noticed when you help . I hope you all will be noticed in the future. As with the award the club gave us this year, we may have been the leaders but you guys made it happen, so this is your award and we want to thank everyone of you for your help.

Thank you all,

Craig & Carol Lemon









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