Rifles for sale

I have a neighbor who has a couple of rifles for sale.  Let me know if you’re interested and I can hook you up with the seller to get additional info.

Gun #1:
s/n G1155557
-SUPER GRADE- appears on the floorplate.

Gun #2:
Golden Eagle model 7000, .300 Wby. Mag
s/n N016345
This has leupold scope, M86X.

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Madhatters club roster has been updated

An updated club roster has been posted to the Members section of the Madhatters website.  Our two newest members, Greg and Larry/Connie, have been added.  I also added HAM call signs for those new HAM operators in the club who gave me their information.  Please email any additions or corrections to me.

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Swamp/Shaver Lake Run Information

Directions to get to Trail Head

2.               Take Rte 99 South to Madera

3. Take CA-145 Exit in Madera 15.7 mi
4. CA-145 becomes Road 145.

3.3 mi
5. Turn right onto Road 206.

2.1 mi
6. Road 206 becomes Northfork Rd.

0.1 mi
7. Turn left onto N Friant Rd.

  • Pizza Factory is on the corner
  • If you are on Parkcliffe and reach Sunnyhillyou’ve gone about 0.1 miles too far
0.1 mi
8. N Friant Rd becomes Millerton Rd.

5.6 mi
9. Turn left onto Auberry Rd.

  • Sheri’s Roadhouse is on the left
10.4 mi
10. Stay straight to go onto Lodge Rd/CA-168.

1.6 mi
- Caution long steep grade! 
- Turn Left to stay on Highway 168 (4.4 Miles) 
- Turn right at Dinkey Creek Rd (11.8 Miles) 
- Turn right at McKinley Grove Rd (0.4 Miles) 
- Leave any tow rigs at the camp 
- Take the camp road North 
- Take a right at each of the first two forest service gates 
- Take a left at the third gate, this is the trail head



Here is a link to a map and a description of the trail:


The plan is to camp at Grouse Lake.   Camping is very limited here so if we cannot find enough room for everyone we may have to go on into Swamp Lake and camp.

Double D is planning on driving down Thursday morning,   I cannot get off work Thursday so I will not be able to leave until Friday morning and there is a possibility that I will not make it at all.   It would be best to have a buddy with you when you go into the trail.   The trail is fairly difficult but should be passable for everyone as long as you have a spotter.  Everyone should post here when you plan on going to the run so people can team up and caravan down together.  There is good fishing at the lake and a mine to explore.      The plan is to do the full trail on Saturday.   For those that get down there early you can check out any of the several trails in the area.


Air Tom



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PSC Steering Upgrade

Hello All-
So, I’m looking for a little input from anyone in the club that might have knowledge or experience on PSC’s steering upgrade for Jeep Tj/Lj or at least some fabrication/wrenching experience.

I recently bought new power steering pump, gear, remote reservoir, and cooler from PSC Motorsports and had the parts installed by a reputable jeep mechanic. The install went great and the steering is greatly improved. However, I’m looking to dial in the set up just a bit more.

PSC recommends mounting the remote reservoir no further than 16″ away from the pump but says the closer the better. Engine bay mounting space on Tj’s is a bit limited as you probably all know so PSC provided a bracket for mounting the remote reservoir utilizing the brake master cylinder for a mount location. Measured out the reservoir is just about 16″ away from the pump when mounted at this location. I called PSC (on a couple of occasions) and most of the techs there say the same thing…that the bracket they provided is an engineers bright idea, but getting the reservoir closer to the pump provides better performance and system life for the pump. I guess the general idea is that the pump is a “pump”, not a sucker, and that the closer the reservoir is the less work the pump has to do and the less likely they’ll be issues with cavitation or other issues on steep climb where the level of the pump might become much higher than the level of the reservoir.

So, have any other Madhatters installed these PSC steering components on their jeeps or have any other experience or knowledge that they might be able to add? I’ve searched the internet jeep forums and have found some pictures and slight info on alternative mounting locations, but haven’t found anything substantial that I’m yet willing to try.

Some of the techs at PSC mention moving the radiator overflow bottle, or welding/mounting to the jeeps grill brace bracket but weren’t able to officially suggest an alternative solution. Though one of the race techs at PSC was quite open about badmouthing the engineers “stupid” mounting bracket part.

Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Ordering Madhatters Logo Clothing

Rene has gathered the information necessary for ordering jackets and other apparel with the Madhatters 4×4 Club logo.  The information is posted in the Members section of our website.

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The MUDSLINGER minutes from the May 28 club meeting have been posted to the Members section of the Madhatters web site.

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Jackets and T-shirts

For many years the Madhatters have had an accounts with Aramak. They have all of our logos on file. Additionally, Karen of Just Rewards in Ripon has done all of our dash plaques and custom t-shirts for 13 years. She has all of our logos, etc on file. No point in paying for something we already have. 🍺Cheers

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Mudslinger/Meeting minutes

Since I, along with others couldn’t make May’s meeting I’ve anxiously been waiting for a Mudslinger or at least the minutes of the May meeting…
Tom/Art can you help us out ?


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Madhatters club roster has been updated

An updated club roster has been posted to the Members section of the Madhatters website.  Our two newest members have been added.  Please email any additions or corrections to me.

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Kids On The Rocks – June 29 on Niagara Rim Trial

Mud Sweat & Gears

Sonora, CA


The Niagara Rim Trial is open and clear. A Mud Sweat and Gears crew went in last Saturday and cleaned up the trail. Due to a mild winter, there were only 2 trees across the trail. The 23’rd running of Kids On The Rocks will be back at Niagara. Mud Sweat and Gears would like to invite you to attend once again.

Kids On The Rocks was started in 1990 by a group of dedicated off roaders

in conjunction with the Forest Service and organizations that work with developmentally disabled “kids”. Over the past years we have given thousands of people with many different brain disorders a very memorable experience in out in the forest that they would never otherwise get. We combine the talents of experienced off road drivers and volunteers to help pull together a great run and Bar-B-Que.

The run with the “kids” will be held on Saturday morning June 29th. Registration starts at 8, with drivers meeting at 9. The guests arrive at 10 and we hit the trail.

After the run all of the trails will be open and you can play to your hearts content. Camping is available at the Niagara OHV Campground or dispersed camping out in the woods.

Here is a link to the event website: http://kidsontherocks.com

We hope you will e able to attend “Kids On The Rocks” again this year.


Robert Easley


Kids On The Rocks 2013

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