March MUDSLINGER posted

The MUDSLINGER minutes from the March 25 club meeting have been posted to the Members section of the Madhatters web site.

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Have Any Member Experienced OPDA/Camshaft Synchronizer Shaft Problems

Hello All,

I was recently searching some of the online Jeep forums for some specific information when I came across this OPDA/Camshaft Synchronizer Shaft issue that some TJ/LJ owners were having with their Oil Pump Drive Assembly. Apparently there is a Chrysler TSB (E05R) thats been out for quite a while. The TSB appears to address Jeeps with specific motor build dates (2005ish) but there have been many TJ/LJ owners (2005/06) with premature gear wear on their Oil Pump Drive and Cam Shaft Gears. Pretty alarming if you ask me.

Here are a couple links;

Here is another;

Have any of you experienced any of these problems? I think its a big enough concern to warrant pulling the Oil Pump Drive Assembly and checking out the condition of these gears. Have any of the MadHatters performed these inspections? Found premature gear wear? Replaced the gear? And what about the mod “FogMod” that addresses lubrication issues of the bushing on this assembly (if I understand these issues correctly).

As I said, I don’t want to wait and let what might be a reasonably manageable issue turn  into a bigger can of worms. Or worse yet, get stranded somewhere totally screwed. While the process of removing the assembly and inspecting the gear seems fairly straightforward I don’t think its something I would want to tackle without having someone a bit more knowledgable and experienced watching over my shoulder.

Let me know what you all think. Any related experience, advice, or input would be appreciated. Just trying to get everything (maintenance) buttoned up so I can enjoy some trips this year.

Kindly, Big Matt


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February MUDSLINGER posted

The MUDSLINGER minutes from the February 25 club meeting have been posted to the Members section of the Madhatters web site.

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Madhatters March 15 snow run is cancelled

The Madhatters snow run on March 15 is cancelled due to no snow.  Cort and I made a pre-run this weekend and found there isn’t enough snow for a run.

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Web site updates

The Madhatters web site has new updates.

  • Calendar.  The Lost Coast club run has changed to May 2-4.
  • Calendar.  The spring Fordyce Adopt-A-Trail maintenance will likely happen in June.  It now appears in June as date TBD.  No club event on Memorial Weekend.
  • Photo Album.  Phill’s pictures from Feb 15′s Rubicon In The Snow club run are uploaded to our Flickr site.  A link is available from the Photo Album page.
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January MUDSLINGER posted

The MUDSLINGER minutes from the January 28 club meeting have been posted to the Members section of the Madhatters web site.  The month’s Treasurer’s Report has been appended to the Mudslinger.

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Loon/Wentworth Loop Snow Run

First of all I want to thank all the Madhatters for letting me know they were coming and showing up on time in Georgetown. A few of us met early for breakfast after which we met up with 16 rigs, 7 were guest, in front of the Georgetown Hotel. After a quick drivers meeting our Foresthills Madhatters showed up with their club having a similar plan but that would be the last we would see of them. As I suspected no snow until after 6000 ft. so we continued to the Loon Lake Kiosk were we aired down and hit the snow in the Con. At this point I started to get complaints from my buddy George Downs since he has long insisted he would NEVER!! Do the Rubicon. O well we had him surrounded. So after a uncontrolled slide down a section of the slabs and a lot of slipping going up the other side we all made it no problem. At this point we discussed what to do. I thought it might be fun to follow a group of buggies to little sluice and watch them play the majority agreed and we continued. After hearing some of our guests were peel of and go to Wentworth we stopped again to discuss this further . We decided to stay together was the best plan. So we turned on to our adopt a trail and kept moving. Thankfully there were an old set of tracks to keep me on the trail through the snow. It wasn’t too bad except one little tippy spot. We continued down to Wino rock where I took most the group up the bypass over a real slippery snow covered hill. 3 of our guest and Dave(No Fear)Jones went down through the Wino rock area. At this point there was no carnage but shortly there after our guest Andy and his monster diesel Jeep truck lost a steering box, probably helped along by ramming the wino rock. While Air Tom’s welder got put to use Chris,Phillip,Dennis and I did a little adopt a trail work clearing a very large rotted tree laying in the trail, oh George was our photographer. After leaving Wentworth Springs camp grounds all we encountered was axle deep water and a foot of snow. Everyone made it out safely to the road at around 4:30pm. Where we aired up and said goodbye. The only boner talk I heard was for Phillip for bringing Andy and his broken Jeep truck or George for braking a licence plate frame. Sorry I can’t vote for my buddy George.

Great job all!

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HAM radio class in Livermore March 29

The Livermore Radio Club is giving a class for the HAM radio beginner’s license on March 29.  It’s in Livermore, free, and at the end they give the test, which costs $15 (cash only).  Here is the link for the info and signup page:

If you want to attend, there are only a few slots left.

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Rubicon area run this weekend (Feb 15)

Sending this for Craig:

Hi Gang, apparently I’m trail boss for next weekend. The only person I’ve talked to so far is George D. If you guys want to go on a run please let me know. I think since the snow level is so high, maybe trying to go from Georgetown to Uncle Tom’s Cabin and continue to Wentworth Springs snow permitting. Depending on the time we could do the loop to Ellis and out to Loon. Please respond if you’re interested. Meeting time at the Georgetown Hotel will be 9am.

Also, for folks coming up from the Bay Area, plan to leave the Wendy’s in Manteca at 7am to be able to get to Georgetown by 9.
Thanks Craig

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2014 Run Calendar Posted

At the January club meeting we hammered out the run schedule for 2014.  I have updated the Madhatters Calendar page on the Madhatters web site based on the club’s decisions.

Also, I uploaded Larry’s pictures from Winter Fun Fest 2014.  Check them out.  There was some welding going on……

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