Rubicon Adopt -a- Trail

Hi Gang,
We had a wonderful time camping @Loon Lake campgrounds. I caught around 4 dozen crayfish, they were tasty. I promise to do better at Gold Lake. We had 13 people at camp and that’s what we set out with to work on the trail. We hit the Granite bowl and lost our 4 friends from Oregon. The 2 13 year olds didn’t enjoy the trail during the day as much as they did the night before. So the rest of us carried on. We the Eillis tie in and turned left onto AAT. Everything was going great until we got to the spot that in Feb.I hung a tire off a rock cliff. I backed out of it. Jerry Reffner’s son Sean not so lucky. That is the picture of the Toyota on it’s side. At that point the crew was down to Stephanie, Wild Bill, Scott and myself. Despite it being 90 degrees we soldiered on. We cleaned out 6 disapaters .35 5 gal. buckets. At that temp. it almost killed 3 old guys so we called Jerry to bring my trailer to Wentworth to pick me up , which he did. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my friends that helped me and hopefully you guys can help me in the fall.
Thanks Craig

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Gold Lake Run (July 11-13) Saturday Potluck Sign-up

Saturday night lets gather for some good food and good company.

Please post what you will bring to the potluck ( so we can avoid having 10 potato salids ).

If anyone else wants to sign up to do the meat, that would be great – otherwise, I will do some Tri-Tip.


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Updated club roster and other web site changes

The Madhatters web site has new updates.

  • Club Roster.  The club roster has been updated for changes to the club membership in the past year.  Please let me know if you have changes for your entry (address, phones, rig picture, rig mods, etc).  Find the roster in the site’s Members section.
  • Calendar.  Added August 30-31 dates for Cantina On The Con.
  • Photo Album.  Pictures from the June 6-8 Rubicon club run are uploaded to our Flickr site.  A link is available from the Photo Album page.  Thanks to Larry for providing pictures of the event.
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Audio from June 2014 meeting

You can listen to the audio of the June 2014 meeting here

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Cantina for the Con 2014

From Friends of the Rubicon:

2014 Cantina for the Con is coming up fast the dates are August 30-31 Labor Day weekend. RTF is looking for volunteers to help with the event whether it is cooking, serving food or selling raffle tickets. If you as an individual or your club is interested in working this event please email Matt Warden at This is the tenth year and RTF is expecting a big turn out so any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Web site updates

The Madhatters web site has new updates.

  • Calendar.  The Gold Lake run has been set for July 12-13.  Sparky is our Trail Boss.
  • Photo Album.  Pictures from the May 2-4 Lost Coast club run are uploaded to our Flickr site.  A link is available from the Photo Album page.  Thanks to James and Mary for providing pictures of the event.
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The MUDSLINGER minutes from the May 27 club meeting have been posted to the Members section of the Madhatters web site.

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Hi All,
Carol &I are going to camp at Loon Lake with FOTR Jerry, June 30 – July 3. I was thinking some of my retired buddies; Larry, George, Dennis, Mike Navone and yes you Wild Bill would like to join us and spend a couple hours cleaning silt out of the water bars. Bill I don’t know who you’re mad at but the adopt a trail was your idea.
Larry thinks I should just pick a day and do it but I think I’ll end up doing it by myself. If no one is interested in helping we’ll just have to let someone on the list have it. I am available any time a couple of people are willing to help me. After 4 years working to get one of the most desirable sections of the trail, it would be a shame to have to give it up. If we lose this section we won’t get it back. I did this because most of you wanted it. It really doesn’t matter to me, I’m still going to continue working on the trail with FOTR, RTF and if we don’t have an adopt a trail I’ll help Foresthill with theirs. Let me know your thoughts. I’m not mad I just want to know what you guys want to do?
It’s my fault that I don’t go to the meetings but after going to the meetings for 31 of the last 35 years a 5 hour turn around to eat pizza doesn’t sound so appealing. My bad. Please let me know if any of you have time to help
Thanks Craig

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Fordyce winchhill 3 work pics

Some updates on the WH3 work

And even with all the work, shortly afterwards someone is still going off trail :-/

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Livermore Rodeo Parade UPDATE

THIS JUST IN – the Madhatters won the 1st place trophy for Classic & Custom Vehicles

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