About the Madhatters

Our club meets at 7:00pm on the 4th Tuesday of every month.
For May 28, 2024 we’re at Ameci Pizza Kitchen in Brentwood.
You can also attend via Zoom (many of us do). Please get in touch with a board member for Zoom meeting info.

We are a Northern California, family oriented organization, established in 1978.  We are affiliated with the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs Inc (Cal4Wheel.com), Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC), and California Off-Road Vehicle Association (CORVA).

We schedule outings (runs) at least one per month, have an annual club picnic during the summer for family, and finish the year off with a Christmas party and fund raiser.  We also attend and support numerous Cal4Wheel events during the year (Winter Fun Fest, Annual Convention, District Meetings, Sierra Trek, etc.).  We adopted parts of the Fordyce and Rubicon trails and work closely with the U.S. Forest Service to help maintain the trails for everyone to use and enjoy. Make sure to check out our Calendar to know what is going on at all times!

We strongly support and practice the “Tread Lightly” concept and support legislation to preserve off-road vehicle access rights to State and Federal lands.  We welcome all off-road enthusiasts (from stock to buggies) to join us in the fun and challenge of off-roading.  

Vehicles must meet Cal4Wheel minimum safety standards / requirements.

Please download the current club by-laws by clicking on the link below.

Madhatters 4×4 Club of Northern California By-Laws

Rocktober Rubicon – Oct 22-23, 2021

I think a lot of us have some serious mental issues... - Rene Allen**Tyler raises his hand with massive goofy grin on his face** This...
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Gold Lake / Snake Lake Picnic – July 2021

Another year down, another annual summer picnic in the books! Huge shout out to Morgan and Sherry for making this happen this year! The trip...
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Strawberry Pass – July 2021

Some independence day action, getting up into the mountains!
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Rubicon Trail – June 2021

Our annual Madhatters Rubicon "Hold Onto Your Pants, We Are Going All The Way" trip! We had 22 vehicles planned, with a final count of...
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Ladies Run – May 2021

What a fun weekend! The ladies run is always a great opportunity for the badass women we have in the club to come out and...
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Hell Hole – May 2021

Such a fun trip! 3 Guests and 4 Members. 1 Complete newbie to rocks! 1 broken brake line, 1 busted shock, a few winches, a...
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Valentine’s Day In The Snow – Feb 2021

Happy Valentine's Day! Brian and Denise lead a fun day trip up on MET for all of the lovers out there. And since John came,...
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Spider Lake – October 2020

Happy Halloween weekend - Madhatters Style!!! We headed up to the Rubicon for the weekend, and had our own outdoor, social distancing halloween party, courtesy...
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