Rocktober Rubicon – Oct 22-23, 2021

I think a lot of us have some serious mental issues… – Rene Allen

**Tyler raises his hand with massive goofy grin on his face**

This was such an amazing trip… if you were prepared for it. There is nothing quite like experiencing the Rubicon in a complete downpour, or in sleet, or in full on white out conditions. And lucky for us, we got all of the above plus an absolutely stunning morning with some incredible skies for about 4 hours between the storms. All of the talk for the weekend was on all of the great ideas everyone had for keeping warm at night… Mr. Buddy Heater definitely was the popular choice. Next was a couple of electric blankets ran off of portable LiFePo battery packs. I was a tiny bit disappointed that we had all of these Jeeps on this trip, but no one broke out the Pumpkin Spice Lattes! (I secretly had them in the 4Runner). It was an incredible trip as always with the Madhatters Family. And I think everyone that was there agreed………………once we got off the trail and found out that no one died 🙂

Tyler Laursen, 10/24/21