Slick Rock – July 2020

The annual summer picnic went off without a hitch! We ate, we drank, we wheeled, and we hung out in a river!

The trip started out on a sunny Thursday with Sherry reserving our camp sites at Big Meadow Campground on highway 4. On Friday, we had a fun bonus trip (for those that could make it) to Deer Valley! Saturday was a nice and early start (4am for some of the Bay Area members that drove up that morning!!) on Slick Rock. We ran from Lake Alpine down to Utica so that we went down the new imposing section of the trail called The Gauntlet. Everyone did awesome coming down!! Even Debra got a wheel (or two!) in the air!! It was awesome to see everyone’s excitement as each vehicle dodge, ducked, dipped, dived, and dodged its way through the Gauntlet and made it safely to the bottom. And then a few even mustered up the cahonies to head back to the top and do it again! The rest of the trip was relaxing and fun. We played around a little bit at the steps before heading down to the camping area by the bridge for lunch. Lunch was followed by an hour long river session of lounging around, laughing, and the telling of harrowing rock encounters from the past. We made it back to camp by 3:30pm… just in time to get our grub on! (and a nap or two for the 4am early risers).

If there is one thing we like doing more than wheeling, it is hanging out at camp for a good pot luck! On the menu was tri tip (5 different flavors!), chicken, 3 different salads, pasta salad, regular pasta, brownies, pie, cookies, chips, rolls, and a special treat of Morgan’s paella dish!!! Of course, it was all accompanied by a gallon of hand sani and baby wipes thanks to our social distancing competition for 2020.

Sunday came, and most went home while a couple weren’t done with the weekend adventure! They headed off to Deer Valley and finished up their weekend at Blue Lakes.

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