Trail Communications

In addition to CB radios, the Madhatters have made a big push in recent years to get members licensed for using Ham Radio. Ham Radio is a vastly superior means of communication on trips, given the longer range (due to higher power and use of repeaters), and vastly better audio quality. Many members are Technician Class, with several members holding General or Extra licensing (which allow extending band usage, more power, etc – mostly useful for fixed station operation).

CB: Channel 4

Ham Radio: Simplex 147.555MHz

Useful Ham Radio Resources

Online Study Materials

My Off Road Radio – Online Ham Radio Class – All Madhatters receive 50% off the class. Ask in the email group. – Free Flash Cards – Ham Radio Outlet – Bay area local ham radio supply store with a location in Oakland – American Radio Relay League – National Association for Ham Radio in the US – Programming Software – Free Programming Software