Uncle Tom’s Cabin – 2/22/20

Uncle Tom’s Cabin – 2/22/20

On Saturday, February 22, 2020, the Madhatters and guests did a fun trip to say hi to our friends at Uncle Tom’s Cabin (UTC). UTC is definitely a sight to behold. If you have never been before, it’s definitely worth a trip. From the dollar bills, to the fire pit outside, you won’t regret it.

The day started off nice and casually. Meet up at the Worton’s Market in Georgetown at 8:30am for some breakfast burritos and deli sandwhiches for the day. Head out at 9am. We had a total of 14 rigs (7 guests and 7 members!). The plan was supposed to be for a snow run! But the beautiful weather in February made short work of the snow. So, it turned into a “let’s head in and check on our Rubicon Adopt-A-Trail Section“, trip.

The trip was great! We made it to UTC by 9:30am and decided it was too early for adult beverages. So we continued on up Wentworth Springs to Wentworth Springs Campground. The far side of Hartless had about 2 miles of frozen ice on the road. Some of us had some fun seeing how far we could slide when we locked our brakes up. We aired down just before the forest road that takes you into WWS Campground, had a little chat about the club and treading lightly, and then headed up the trail.

The forest road into WWS Campground had a TON of standing water on it. Only one of the puddles received a “glub glub glub” from Dennis over the radio though. After a quick stop in the campground to let the guests check it out, we continued on up our adopt a trail section to see how things were. The silt pits looked great, just a few tree branches that need to be cleared. There is one tree next to silt pit 2 that could get cut up and moved off the trail (John, get the Stihl ready!). There was a little bit of snow still on our section, but not enough to cause any troubles.

We made it to the Post Pile obstacle around noon, and got out to take a look and see how slick or icey it might be. After a quick scout, Tyler and Brian decided it was a go! We spent the next 2 hours playing around, getting everyone up the obstacle. 12 rigs successfully made it up without too much damage. 1 of the guest rigs almost rolled (it was his first time EVER wheeling!). We will let his spotters take credit for that one…

After Post Pile was lunch right at the top of the slabs. We hung out and enjoyed the great weather. We ran into some friends from the Mud Suckers there and chatted with them for a while. After lunch, 10 rigs turned around and went back out WWS towards UTC, and 4 guests continued on through the Rubicon and headed out Loon Lake.

The last stop of the trip included some drinks at UTC, but it didn’t come before the Fun Runner could get a chance to entertain everyone else and end up facing the wrong direction on the road (oops!). After a couple drinks and a wind down to the day, everyone said goodbye and went their separate ways from there!

Another great Madhatters trip in the books! Thank you everyone that came and had a great time!