Vehicle, Trail, and Camp Club Rules

Vehicle Requirements

  1. Vehicle must conform to all Cal4Wheel safety requirements.
  2. CB or ham radio (antennas must not exceed 4’6″)
  3. Roll bar or factory installed hard top
  4. Seat belts for all vehicle occupants
  5. Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good/full, appropriately stored.
  6. Spare tire within 3 inches diameter of other tires, or, for tires 37″ or larger, run-flats or tools to repair/reinflate tire
  7. Working (emergency) brake & brake system
  8. All window glass must be in good condition
  9. Lug nuts and tool capable of removing lug nuts
  10. Lights in working order
  11. Shovel & bucket
  12. Tow strap or rope capable of towing 2 times vehicle weight
  13. Battery hold downs (no bungee cords)
  14. First aid kit
  15. Jack capable of lifting vehicle
  16. Adequate attachment points front and rear, i.e. tow hooks, receiver, etc. Tow balls are not permitted. Madhatters Bylaws 2017 Page 5 of 6 Adopted: January 2017
  17. All vehicles will be required to be up to California State vehicle code and in good working condition on club activities.

Trail/Run Requirements

  1. Do not litter
  2. No 4 wheeling will be done on club runs without 2 or more vehicles while in motion
  3. No standing in vehicle while in motion
  4. Loose objects such as tool boxes, ice chests, spare tire, should be secure
  5. Children should never be left alone in a vehicle. Be sure to remove keys while vehicle is parked or unoccupied
  6. All vehicles should be operated in accordance with state laws
  7. Don’t drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  8. All members and guests will strictly adhere to Tread Lightly policies at all times.
  9. Outdoor bathroom stops may be handled, men to the left, women to the right, when such stops are necessary.
  10. All members shall be responsible for his or her guests on club functions
  11. All persons shall be kept safely away from winching cables and tow straps
  12. Dry your brakes immediately after passing through water by applying brakes while driving until they feel normal
  13. No tail-gating
  14. Always keep visual contact with vehicle to your rear.
  15. The Madhatters 4×4 Club of Northern California shall not purchase or supply any alcoholic beverage for any club function.
  16. Trail Boss – All Madhatter runs must have a trail boss. The trail boss will:
    • A.Designate time and place of meeting for scheduled run.
    • B.Coordinate all winching operations and safety issues during run.
    • C.Be responsible to bring club first aid kit.
    • D.Will give report of run and list of all members to submit for plaques.
    • E.Write a short trail report for archives and web site.
  17. Disabled Vehicles on Club Runs
    • A.Individuals are ultimately responsible for repairs or extrication of their vehicle should it become disabled while on club runs. However, it is the responsibility of the trail boss to confirm that a plan of repair or extrication is implemented with the primary concern being for the safety of all club members and guests.
    • B.No club member or guest with a disabled vehicle is to be left alone on the trail.
    • C.If repair is possible, the trail boss will coordinate with the owner of the disabled vehicle and other club members that appropriate parts, tools and expertise are made available to make the necessary repairs.
    • D.The owner of the vehicle being repaired is responsible for the cost or replacement of any parts, broken tools or consumable items required to complete the vehicle repairs.
    • E.In the event vehicle extrication beyond club abilities is needed, the vehicle owner is responsible for all costs incurred.
    • F.Madhatters, as a club in attendance of other club/organization activities, must follow the direction and rules by the event trail team or sponsor providing adherence to the previous rules set forth.

Camp Rules

  1. Speed limit of 5 mph must be obeyed arriving and leaving in all camping areas
  2. Obey all state and federal campfire laws
  3. All dogs must be kept on leash
  4. No discharge of firearms within 100 yards of camping area (this includes pellet & BB guns). No unnecessary displaying or handling firearms in camping area.
  5. Every member is responsible for keeping camp area clean. (Take out more than you brought in)
  6. Use discretion of noise in camp site
  7. No fireworks
  8. Smokers are required to carry an ashtray